Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away…. I know, I know, its insane, we’re going with it. Confession tho: I’ve been holding onto my Valentine’s purchases since December which Mike thinks is crazy, but I have learned that if you don’t buy it as soon as you see it, it’ll be gone the next … Continue Reading

My Favorite Planners

Idk if you know this about me yet, but I am a PSYCHO PLANNER. I cannot function without my planner, my notebooks, my Trello – I use ALL of it. Every year around this time, I start getting DMs asking what my favorite planners are and I’ve actually shared posts before about them – My … Continue Reading

Back on E2M

If you’ve been around here for awhile, then you are probably familiar with E2M – a health and fitness program that Mike and I did last spring. We had great results from it (see pic above and my Before & After below), but quickly fell back into old habits, gained back the weight we lost … Continue Reading

December Bucket List

A WHOLE DANG YEAR OF BUCKET LISTS! My monthly Bucket Lists started as a way to celebrate everything after the cluster of a year known as 2020 and I don’t know about you, but I loved them! Some months I knocked every item off the list and others I did not and you know what? … Continue Reading

Black Friday 2021 | The Master List

The Master List of All the Black Friday Sales this year is below! I will update throughout the weekend as new sales come up and current sales change! Simply tap the retailer name below and it’ll take you right to their site! Abercrombie | 30% Off Everything! Adidas | Up to 50% off sitewide Aerie | 40% Off Sweatshirts + … Continue Reading

A Note of Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and while I practice gratitude daily and not just this time of year, I wanted to pause and share my heart with all of you. I was asked this week, Why Did You Become An Influencer? At first, the question made me cringe bc I don’t consider myself an influencer, but while … Continue Reading

November Bucket List

A New Month means…. Another Bucket List! Less than 60 days left in 2021 – SO crazy, right?? With that, we’re almost a one full year of bucket lists! Can you believe that?? Well, I’ll share more of my heart behind these next month, but for now…. Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list: … Continue Reading

Halloween Charcuterie Board

I mean, we’re totally using the term “charcuterie” very loosely these days, but let’s just go with it, k? I went ham in the Halloween section of Wegmans so I needed a something to do with all the goodies so the result was this Halloween Charcuterie. The boys appreciated it and I ate a few … Continue Reading

Shop For A Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness 2021

Did you know that 1 in 3 women in the US will develop cancer in their lifetime? – American Cancer Society Sadly, we all know at least one person who has been personally impacted by cancer, whether it be you personally or a loved one.  I feel very strongly about using my platform for good … Continue Reading

Halloween Occasions Bin

I love putting together Occasions Bins! They just add a little fun into the everyday, my boys love them and it encourages me to buy more holiday paper goods which Mike loves, ha! Kidding! I added making a Halloween Occasions Bin to this month’s Bucket List, so I figured why not share mine with you … Continue Reading