How I Refresh Day 2 Hair

*note to self: clean mirror next time* And Day 3, And Day 4, And Day…. I wash my hair like once, maybe twice a week. Day 1 is wash day and I’ll do a full-on wash routine (scalp scrub and all!) and then I’ll blow it out and curl it. So Day 2, I like … Continue Reading

My Hair Essentials

I’m often complimented on my hair and it makes me so happy bc my hair is “my thing” and I work really hard to keep it healthy, especially after experiencing hair loss from alopecia last year. It made me question every single thing I touch my hair with and I did a total re-haul on … Continue Reading

My Hair Washing Routine

Hair Washing. It’s such a chore, but we’ve gotta do it! I am often asked about the products I use on my hair and how often I wash, so I figured, why not just share it here so you can reference it back whenever you’d like! I wash my hair about every 4-5 days. I … Continue Reading

Sephora Spring Sale

top | earrings | necklace The Sephora Spring Savings Event is here! Sephora throws a sale for its rewards program members twice a year and I save up for both of them. I use these sales to stock up on the products I own and love so I can score them at a discount. Not … Continue Reading

My Favorite, Everyday Beauty Must-Haves

clockwise from top left: f-balm | “blood” mask | foundation | primer | hair oil | detox shampoo | full shampoo | scalp scrub | lipstick | contour kit | blush | illuminator | mascara | honeymoon glow The Sephora Sale 2020 kicked off this week for VIBs and Beauty Insiders so I’m sharing my … Continue Reading

My Everyday Hair Tutorial

I’ve been asked quite a few times for a hair tutorial, so today I’m sharing from washing thru curling, how I do my hair! A quick note before we get into it. I wash my hair twice a week, max. I’ve been doing so for YEARS now. It definitely takes some training for your hair … Continue Reading

Sephora Spring Savings Event 2020

Oh its one of my fave times of the year, the Sephora Spring Savings Event!  I have actually been rationing my eye cream and shampoo bc I need to restock, but your gal wants a discount!  If you are a Beauty Insider, this is the perfect time to stock up on your necessities or try … Continue Reading

haircare update

over a month ago, i did a haircare routine post and many of you had asked me for an update, especially after starting my monat products.  in the last post, i had just started using monat and you can read what products i started with here. my routine has switched up a little bit: via … Continue Reading

my haircare routine

one post that has been consistently requested is my haircare routine, but i’ve honestly been putting it off bc if i told you how i would normally “care” for my hair, you’d be shocked. so i’ll tell you what i used to do and the recent changes i’ve made. my old ways i’ve always liked … Continue Reading