Sheet Pan Sausage & Summer Vegetables

If you’ve been here a bit, you know I love me a good sheet pan dinner! They’re just SO easy and perfect for a weeknight meal. You can sub out any protein or veggies and make your own combination too! You just need a baking sheet – THIS is the one I use (it’s huge!) … Continue Reading

My Morning Plant-Based Protein Smoothie

I’ve been on a major smoothie kick lately! Idk why, but its just so refreshing after a workout! I’ve made a few different variations, but i usually do a protein powder, chia seeds, greens and fruit. (I can’t do dairy so mine are always plant-based/vegan). My biggest complaint is when the bag of spinach I … Continue Reading

Buddha Bowls

I love an easy, healthy dinner and this one is perfect! Watch my reel of how I made it HERE Be sure to tag me @jillianrosado if you make this so I can see! You can also find some of my meal plans HERE and all of my food posts HERE PS: Subscribe to the blog HERE so you never miss a … Continue Reading

Petit Pot Organic Plant-Based Desserts

As you know, I’m one of those hot girls with stomach problems so no dairy around here for me! I’m lucky that we have a local ice cream shop with dairy-free options, but if we randomly stop somewhere for a sweet treat, I resort to water ice bc your girl cannot have ice cream. Well … Continue Reading

Grilled Vegetable Salad

When I make something three times in one week, it definitely deserves to be shared! I don’t even know why I hadn’t thought of this, but Grilled Veggie Salad is where its at! Its simple and delicious! Grill or roast whatever veggies you’d like, add them to a bowl of spring mix and your choice … Continue Reading

Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

We love a sheet pan dinner bc they’re easy, make very little mess and always tasty! I will legit throw anything on a sheet pan – its a great way to empty out your veggie drawer for sure! This chicken has a fun spice blend that gives a little savory, a little spice and a … Continue Reading

May Amazon Buys

Did you know that I have an Amazon Storefront? Sure do! I’ve been sharing what I buy on Amazon with you for awhile now, but wanted to let you know you can see what I’m shopping or loving on Amazon all in one place. I’ll continue to share my Recent Amazon Buys with you, but I’m always updating my storefront on the … Continue Reading

Balsamic Grilled Chicken

I used to make the amateur mistake of just pouring some balsamic vinegar over chicken, grilling it and voila, balsamic chicken. Right? Wrong! The best version of balsamic chicken on the grill includes a good amount of seasoning so I’m sharing it with you today so you don’t make the same mistake as me! This … Continue Reading

Roasted Vegetables

When I’m at a loss of what to cook, I empty out my veggie drawer and make a big ol’ batch of roasted veggies. They’re easy, they’re healthy and they’re delish! Be sure to tag me @jillianrosado in your roasted veggie pics this week so I can see! You can also find some of my meal plans HERE and … Continue Reading

Easter Bread

One of my most loved recipes on this blog is my Easter Bread so I made a batch and took some proper photos of it. This bread is perfect with a cup of coffee or as dessert. I’m making some to bring to my sister’s and gifted some to my new neighbors. Its dense and … Continue Reading