How I Meal Plan

I’m often asked how I cook so much each week and I have two responses: One is, I have not been cooking every night lately bc our calendar has been insane with meetings, sports and more so some nights it’s just leftovers and others it’s takeout! Two is, I meal plan!! So today, I’m gonna … Continue Reading

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving is this week, can you believe it?? Whether you are hosting or visiting family or friends this year, often we run into the issue of what to bring or serve. While I shared a big ol’ list of Thanksgiving recipes with you HERE, I figured, why not throw together an Easy Thanksgiving Dessert that … Continue Reading

My Birthday Wishlist

fleece | stand mixer | coat | black sneakers | cast iron pan | perfume | skincare set | slippers Yup, it’s my birthday! Forty-Freakin-One! It feels just like forty, don’t be alarmed, ha! So in celebration of my birthday, I’m sharing some things on my current wishlist! It’s mostly cozy wear for the winter … Continue Reading

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

(Mike tried getting fancy with his plating here, what do you think? Ha!) Where my Sports Moms at?? Some weeknights are insane, am I right? Even if you don’t have a kid or a kid in sports, the last thing I feel like doing some weeknights is cooking so crockpot meals to the rescue! I … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS AWAY! I can’t believe it either y’all! With that, you may be starting to plan your menu for the day, so here’s some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes to add to your list! Drinks Make Your Own Seltzer Bar Appetizers How To Make A Charcuterie Board Individual Charcuterie Cups Easy Pepperoni … Continue Reading

Air Fryer Pastelillos

Pastelillos, empanadas, turnovers… you can call them whatever you’d like, but we love em! My husband is Puerto Rican and I’m lucky that my mother-in-law shares all her recipes with me and this is one that I make over and over and over again! They are SUPER easy to make (esp in the air fryer), … Continue Reading

Vodka Rigatoni

Sundays = Pasta in this house. They go together like peanut butter and jelly for us. You name it, I make it, but one of my boys favorite pasta recipes (besides Alfredo) is Vodka Cream Sauce. And before you bug out about the vodka in this recipe, it cooks off so you don’t have to … Continue Reading

Italian Wedding Soup

Mike got sick last week, then he passed it through our house and we all ended up congested and cranky. I wish I had made this when we first got sick. There’s nothing like hot soup when the temps drop or you’re not feeling your best. Italian Wedding Soup is something I’ve been eating my … Continue Reading

Halloween Charcuterie Board

I mean, we’re totally using the term “charcuterie” very loosely these days, but let’s just go with it, k? I went ham in the Halloween section of Wegmans so I needed a something to do with all the goodies so the result was this Halloween Charcuterie. The boys appreciated it and I ate a few … Continue Reading

My Meatloaf Recipe

Idk about you, but I really love meatloaf! It’s just one of those old school comfort foods that I can’t get enough of. I make it usually once a month since Mike and the boys love it too so today, I’m sharing my recipe with you! If you make this, be sure to tag me @jillianrosado so … Continue Reading