Amazon Prime Days 2020

Jump To Categories: • Amazon Devices• Electronics • Smart Home• Small Businesses• Home & Kitchen• Toys & Games• Fashion• Beauty • Health & Personal Care• Amazon Brands• Automotive, Tools & Home Improvement• Lawn & Garden • Baby• Sports & Outdoors• Pets• Major Appliances • Grocery Ok, you guys went CRAZY last year for Amazon Prime … Continue Reading

Target Deal Days 2020

Ok, so apparently we’re all going broke today…. Target decided to have their Deal Days on the same day as Amazon Prime Days and here we are. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting a head start on holiday shopping, these are the days to do it! Target Deal Days are October 13th-14th, online only … Continue Reading

Free Printable Meal Planner and Cleaning Checklist

I shared a peek at my meal planner and cleaning checklist last week and the DMs quickly started coming in… “What is that checklist?” “How do I get that?” and “Can you send that to me?” Well today, I’m sharing My Meal Planner and Cleaning Checklist for FREE, no email address required either. I juggle … Continue Reading

Why Date Nights Are Important

Date Night: \ ˈdāt ˈnīt \noun : a night that every couple needs, yet rarely prioritizes. Honestly, let’s talk. How often do you have a date night? Weekly? Monthly? Once a year? Never? We tend to prioritize everything else in our lives over our relationship with our partner. No, this conversation is not just for married … Continue Reading

How We Budget

Budgeting. Its not fun and nobody likes talking about it, am I right?? Well, you can blame it on my Facebook Group bc they requested a budgeting blog post so here we are! Budgeting is honestly new for us. Up until two years ago, we just paid the bills, spent whatever we wanted and then … Continue Reading

My Dailies

I often get questions about what type of vitamins I take so I figured why not share those today for a Wellness Wednesday of sorts! As I mentioned in this post, I’m approaching 40 so I’m trying to do as many things as possible to keep myself healthy. So here are my “dailies” – vitamins … Continue Reading

Why I’m Taking Collagen

Alright y’all, 40 is creepin’ on me!  I’ve got less than 3 months til the big 4-0 and while I’m not totally buggin’, I’m very aware of changes that creep in when you hit 40.  With that, I’ve been making changes on my own to not “reverse” the aging process, but to slow it down … Continue Reading

Recent Amazon Finds | July 2020

You guys seem to love you some Amazon almost as much as I do, so I’m rounding up some recent Amazon finds for you!  There’s just something about an affordable item that’s on your doorstep the next day just makes my heart jump, haha!  I’m going to jump right in here, but you can always … Continue Reading

Summer Reading List

If you follow me on Instagram then you’re used to me sharing little passages from my current reads in the morning.  If not, well then you’re missing out.  I read a LOT and the funny thing is, I never was a big reader until the last few years.  For me, there’s nothing better than reading … Continue Reading

My Favorite Affordable Activewear

If you follow me on Instagram or you read THIS POST, then you know your gal has been workin’ on her fitness!  With that, I’ve been buying more activewear than usual and have found a few items that I LOVE and are all under $25!  So today I’ve sharing FIVE items I’ve been wearing on … Continue Reading