Sharing my fave Cyber Monday Deals on this page!  Be sure to check back as I’ll be updating these ’round the clock!  See the full list of Cyber Monday Sales HERE

Just a note:  The holidays are such a fun time to spend with friends and family, but in the blogging world, our workload increases exponentially.  I am not complaining one bit bc I absolutely LOVE getting to do what I do!  I mean, most days, I can’t even believe this is a job!  This time of year, I’m up at 5am searching for deals for you gals and dozing off in front of my MacBook still searching at night too – still, not complaining, I love helping you gals find the deals!  all of this is to say that every time you shop thru one of my links, I make a small commission from that purchase and none of it comes from your pocket.  those really small commissions add up tho and helps to pay some bills around here.  I mean, we’re living on a pastor’s salary so we are NOT ballin’  SO if you find a sale item on here that you love, share it with a friend!  the best way to do that is to share my blog with them ( – its super easy to find everything here and no other app is necessary!  if you do want everything in one app, download the app – I post some exclusive content over there as well and its super easy to shop as well as make wishlists of what you love!  lastly, THANK YOU!  you gals are the sweetest! I love all of your DMs and comments on my instagram posts!  with that, keep liking and commenting and tagging your friends in my posts when you see them!  the instagram algorithm is KILLING ME lately and my posts are not reaching all of my followers and I don’t want you gals missing all the goodness so be sure to like/comment/tag/share bc that’s how instagram knows you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down!

without further adieu, here’s my fave deals!  just tap the pic to shop 🙂