Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes

With fall right around the corner, I find myself starting to eat more fall veggies like sweet potatoes! I have a love/hate with sweet potatoes. I don’t like SWEET sweet potatoes, I prefer them more savory and this version is SO good and really easy to make in the air fryer! Be sure to head … Continue Reading

Sriracha Honey Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are one of those foods that I HATED as a child, but LOVE as an adult! Do they smell a little, sure, but they are SO tasty and you can make them a million different ways! I found this recipe YEARS ago and have been adjusting it to my liking ever since. I … Continue Reading

The Best Roasted Broccoli

My boys actually LOVE broccoli, so we eat it often here! Now with that, I know frozen broccoli is really easy to make. You can even grab one of the steam bags and just throw it in the microwave, but hear me out. Make this roasted broccoli. It’s REALLY easy and tastes 1,000 times better … Continue Reading

Garlicky Asparagus with Toasted Almonds

Mike and I love asparagus, but the boys have a love/hate relationship with it. They don’t like it mushy or stringy and there’s a fine line when cooking asparagus where it goes from crisp but cooked to mushy and stringy. After messing around with a bunch of different ways to make asparagus (roasted, grilled, in … Continue Reading