Winter Style with Old Navy

It has been a MINUTE since I’ve done a try-on, but you gals kept begging for one so I hit my local Old Navy !  I hadn’t been in the store in awhile and most of their selection was all clearance stuff, but I was able to find a few goodies that came home with … Continue Reading

winter essentials

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 its been so frigidly cold in new jersey these past few weeks which makes me reach for some of my winter essentials on repeat.  like seriously, we had a wind chill of -12 today.  what is happening?!!  so … Continue Reading

what i wore last week + a dreamy day trip.

If you caught my last post, “thinking spring” then this past week’s outfits will come as no surprise to you! lots of statement sleeves, ruffles and my always go-to black and white looks. monday = the bell sleeve i don’t know about you, but loft has been killing it with the trends for us 30+ … Continue Reading

what i wore last week (or two)

so here’s what i wore for the last TWO weeks. yup, two. life (and basketball playoffs) got in the way so i missed last week’s recap. so there’s a lot and i hope you’re ready…. sweatshirt chic. if you follow me on instagram, you know i’ve been obsessing over literally everything Apricot Lane Peoria is … Continue Reading

what i wore last week.

last week was a whirlwind of weather from cold to warm to snow to warm. that’s jersey for ya!  I kept it simple in neutrals (as usual) + added fun accessories to bring it up a notch. >>> sunday best: choker tees are my jam. they up the edge of a simple tee with one simple strip … Continue Reading

what i wore last week.

ok, so i’m sure this comes as no surprise, but i was really excited about february 1st. why, you ask? that dang capsule was done + i could finally wear whatever i wanted again! it was the perfect opportunity to bust out some new pieces i had purchased AND some older pieces i’d been itching … Continue Reading

simplify with jillian rosado > the final recap + conclusion

here we are, the end of my january wardrobe capsule…. this was tough guys. i also realize my last two recaps said the same thing. maybe i’m not the capsule type? i don’t know, but i tried. kinda. i know i wasn’t supposed to shop during the month, but nordstrom, anthropologie and apricot lane came … Continue Reading

simplify with jillian rosado > week three recap

week three was tough, man. i don’t recommend shopping while in the midst of a capsule bc if you’re anything like me, you want to wear your new stuff asap. so that presented a problem + i deviated from the capsule a little. i never claimed to be perfect + i’m still learning this whole … Continue Reading

simplify with jillian rosado > week two recap

week two, complete! let me tell you, week two was tough. granted, I’m not to the point yet where I need to be really creative with how I mix things up, but I just started feeling some sort of way about this whole wardrobe capsule thing.  feeling restricted to a certain amount of items was … Continue Reading

snow day style.

Living in New Jersey, we usually get a taste of all four seasons.  Sometimes summer will even peek its beautiful face out in the middle of winter….like our 70degree Christmas Day this year. Regardless, around the end of January, we get winter in full effect and then comes the snow.  Last weekend, we got over … Continue Reading