I love to shop.
Seriously, LOVE to shop.
Problem is, I am cheap. I don’t like paying full price.
I’m scanning my ShopKick and Retail Me Not apps while I stand in line, for the very few times that I actually step foot in a mall.

Unfortunately, there are times a girl needs some new threads and that was this week.
Do I have closet full of clothes? Absolutely.
Do I have nothing to wear? Yup.
It’s a sickness, I know.

Well, the hubs and I are heading down to Dallas next week for the C3 Conference and I obviously needed a few new outfits.
Now, it’s totally casual, but I always try to look my best and I never underdress.
So I scanned my Pinterest, checked my Instagram likes and came up with a list of what looks I wanted for the week.

Day: Camel leather jacket, white tee, ripped black skinnies and black cutout booties
Night: Black swing dress, Black leather jacket, Camel booties
Day: Black tank, black skinnies, Fringe cardigan, camel booties
Night: White babydoll blouse, ripped skinnies, camel booties, tan hat
Day: Destructed tee, black skinnies, black booties, black leather jacket, red beanie

I know, I know….zero color. I am the worst, but black never goes out of style.
Also, you will see a few extra items below that I’m bringing along just in case I change my mind. That happens, a lot. My mood determines my outfit for sure. For that reason, I always get hit with extra fees for the weight of my suitcase…..

Anyways, I hit Forever 21 and I did not have the patience to deal with them, so I quickly exited the store. I have a love/hate with Forever 21. Some days I can go HAM and buy 25 different things and others, I walk in, look left, look right and turn around and leave.
I hit the other usual suspects: Urban, Nordstrom, H&M….no dice.

So then we got to American Eagle. Now I LOVE their jeans, they fit me perfectly and I was so happy to see their High-Rise jeggings. I LOVE a High-Rise. I also like that you can buy them in Short so I get the ankle length that I love. I’d been following their spring previews on Instagram and I’m really liking their boho vibe and lots of basics as well. OH! Also! Their jeans are Buy One, Get One 50% off right now! So go buy some. You’re welcome.

I had already ordered some items on Shein a few weeks prior….which I’m still waiting for them to arrive…cross your fingers for me.

Lastly, I hit good ol’ faithful…..Target. Yup, no shame, I love me some Targ. I knew the WhoWhatWear line was out and I’m not sure how it didn’t sell out, but my store had EVERYTHING! I practiced some self-restraint and didn’t buy the whole line, but I obviously need another black and white striped tee.

Also, because I’m neurotic, I have a StitchFix arriving on Monday. So I should be plenty ready for the week clothing-wise, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ll be posting outfit pics on Instagram while we’re gone, so be sure to check them out and let me know what you think!

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