after getting the most recent j.crew style guide in the mail, i made my way into my local store to try on a few of my favorites.  even tho there were many floral pieces in their latest line, one thing you will probably never see me in is large floral, colorful prints.  its just not me.  surprisingly tho, there was also not a ton of black clothing in my dressing room either.  i know, i was just as shocked as you are.

so here you go!  the good, the bad + the ugly – by ugly i mean the really odd faces i make while taking dressing room selfies….


starting with this sleeveless tunic sweater…
its a thick knit + super soft.  i can totally see this transitioning from the end of summer into fall + then on.  i loved it paired with white skinnies….not just these skinnies.  am i the only person in the world who cannot find a pair of white jeans that look even halfway decent on me?  they just hug me in all the wrong places.  BUT if they did fit well, i would pair this sweater with them….and cut-offs…and a pencil skirt…and over a flowy dress.  i expected this to be about $90, but was surprised it was only $59.50.  i’m still waiting for it to go on sale tho before i buy.


same jeans, different top.

i had been eyeing this blouse up for a bit, but finally had the chance to try it on.  i’m kind of ehhh about it.  its a pretty red, the fit is ok, but there’s something that doesn’t sell me on it.

moving on….


same top, different pants.

i have a thing about red + olive green.  i just love them together.  you have to be careful with the color of the green bc it can end up being very christmas-like + these pants crossed that line.  had they had been a little more olive, i probably would’ve been sold on the top.

these pants tho….


same pants, previous top.

now i love the pants + the sweater.  its such a comfy, simple look + i can definitely see myself wearing these pants with a simple tee, crop top, a knotted button-down, + so on….
yes yes yes.


same pants, different top.

still lovin these pants + this linen tee is so light + pretty + striped so i was obviously sold.
the combos are endless with these two items.
yes + yes.


same tee, green skirt.

i really liked this skirt.  its light, flowy, a gorgeous green + has cute ties at the side.
downside: it wrinkles really easily + its a piece i couldn’t wear too often without looking repetitive since its such a statement piece.


the leather skirt.

i saw this skirt from a mile away + it had me like whoa.
oxblood, leather, pleated….three of my favorite things.  i was sold before i even tried it on.  but then i tried it on + not so much.  its cute, but where in the world would i really wear this?  i even said to my uber-helpful sales associate, i love it in theory, but not in reality.  maybe if it was a midi + not a mini?


again with the leather skirt, but this time in black.
still a pass.


so all in all, i ended up liking three of the pieces i tried on.  i try to pick items that i can wear different ways so i have a multifunctional piece.  i stick with basics bc you have a better shot at mixing + matching this way.  as you can see above, when i try a bolder piece, i’m stuck in one look.

so that’s my j.crew review from this week’s shopping trip.
leave me your thoughts below + let me know if you like posts like this!



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