i used to be obsessed with all things leopard.
think back to the early 2000’s + maybe you’ll understand.
are you pickin up what i’m puttin down?
yup, leopard everything.
leopard fur, neon leopard, leopard, leopard, leopard.

my obsession with leopard was so bad that i ran from it for the last 5+ years.

but then something changed….leopard wasn’t so tacky anymore.
leopard became muted.
leopard became tasteful.
leopard became a….neutral!

so now that leopard + I have reacquainted, i’m becoming more adventurous.

enter this cardi(gan).
something just drew me to it, but to not fall victim to tacky leopard, i balanced it out with neutrals.

and now, i’m in love all over again, just with a simpler, more grown-up leopard.
i am going to be 36 in a little over a week ya know….


cardigan | tank | jeans | booties (similar) | zoe lariat | celestial choker

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