as you’re reading this, our car to the airport should be arriving and we’ll be off to our mexican vacation.
we NEED this vacation people.
its our first vacation in awhile that does not include even the slightest bit of work.  in fact, the hubs actually forbid me from bringing my laptop with me (NO CLUE how i’m going to survive this!)  so here i sit, the night before cramming in a few blog posts to entertain you while i lay on the beach and do LITERALLY NOTHING.  i’m even questioning if i want to read a book or not as that would require some sort of mental/physical effort and i have no desire.  just let me lay on the beach and RELAX.
don’t get me wrong, we’ll be doing stuff – think swimming with dolphins and surfing – but there will also be a ton of lounging.

anyways, i have been shopping like crazy lately trying to get some cute stuff for our trip and by shopping like crazy, i don’t mean buying everything bc for some strange reason i’ve been crazy picky about what i’ve wanted.  i’ve legit lost it.  for real.

so, i’m sharing a few things that are must-haves for me on this trip:


i actually decided to go for a few one-pieces for this trip.  NOT bc i’m feeling super-mommish and old, but bc they’re really cute and in style.  I went with a strapless, black and white suit and a colorful, vibrant deep neck one.  they fit well and i don’t feel like an old lady, i feel good.  even better?  they’re 50% off right now here!

i’m also packing about seven pairs of sunglasses for this trip bc i’ve been binge buying $12 sunnies lately.  its not bad when they’re THAT cheap, right?!  these celine look-alikes and these karen walker dupes are perfect for vacay.

my cult gaia knock-off is totally coming with, but one part i didn’t think about is what a pain it is fitting this in a suitcase without breaking it!

topping it off with lots of stella & dot jewels, of course!  I also should mention that my getaway bag is holding most of these goodies, but i figured that was a given.  can’t beat its gorgeous print and the fact that its carry-on compliant!

so i hope you enjoy a few of my vacay picks and be sure to follow me on instagram to check out our much-needed trip!

xo, jillian

strapless bathing suit
printed bathing suit
black sunniessimilar
gold sunnies
bag – similar
sunglasses case

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