Everyone loves a good budget buy so I’m going to start reviewing some Drugstore Beauty Buys for you gals every week or so!  There are so many hidden gems in the drugstore, usually along the lines of mascara and beauty tools so since I was in need of a few things this week, this is what I grabbed:


kristin ess purple shampoo and conditioner

My hair just looooooves to go brassy any chance it gets so a purple shampoo works best for me!  I saw someone share how much they loved the Kristin Ess version so I grabbed the shampoo and conditioner.  At $12 each, they’re not some cheap-o product, they’re actually salon-quality without a hefty price tag!  This shampoo will tone down the brassiness in your hair, its sulfate-free and totally safe on color-treated or naturally blonde hair!

ps:  if the name Kristin Ess means nothing to you, I’ll just drop one of her most well-known celebrity clients and you’ll get on board with me…. Lauren Conrad.  (mic drop)


l’oreal paris voluminous lash paradise mascara

I’m always trying out new mascaras and really, as long as it lengthens and volumizes my lashes, I’m a happy gal!  I’ve long used the l’oreal voluminous carbon black mascara so this one was a no brainer to try!  gals, look at the difference!!  I am blown away how well this worked and for under $10!!  I’m wearing the shade blackest black.


e.l.f. mist & set matte magic

I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I’m a greasy Italian and need all the oil-eliminating products I can find to put on my face!  enter setting spray:  you do your makeup, you spray your face, your makeup stays put!  crazy, right?!!  I’ve long used the NYX version of this spray, but decided to give the e.l.f. brand a try since its half the price and I’m excited to share that I see the same results!!  this is such a good grab for only $4!

e.l.f. silicone blender perfect placement sponge

while I was at hoopla, my friend Madeline was showing me this silicone beauty blender she got from a subscription box and my mind was blown!  how does that work??  what’s the point?  well, your current beautyblender is GROSS!  seriously, I don’t even know how I put mine on my face but no matter how many times you cleanse that thing, I promise if you were to cut yours open you would puke.  so silicone blenders eliminate that absorbency that sucks all kinds of bacteria in!  I watched this video for a quick tutorial and then took to IGTV to share how it worked for me:  you can watch it HERE.  gals, this thing is LEGIT!!  it goes on SO nicely, you use HALF the amount of foundation you normally would and it cleans TOO easily!  I’m a total convert to this new trend!  I’m sure there are a thousand brands of these, but I went cheap for my first shot and am definitely satisfied with this $6 blender!

silicone beauty blender sponge


So there’s my first drugstore beauty buys review – what did you think?  is this something you’d like to see on the regular?  if so, comment below and let a gal know what you’d like me to review next!!

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