Amazon is straight up KILLING IT with all the good buys lately plus there’s Prime Shipping, ’nuff said!  You’ve been loving all the Amazon Finds so I’m rounding up some of my faves with you from this month… bc I’m sure there will be a TON more next month!

bathing suit

ok, you gals went straight up nuts over this bathing suit and rightfully so!  Its cute, my butt isn’t hanging out of it, it covers the midsection and its only $19!  I am usually a 34D top and small bottoms, but sized up to a medium based off of the reviews and it fits perfectly!  If yellow isn’t your color, don’t worry, there’s a bunch of different colors and patterns in this suit!


Uncommon James Girl Boss Earrings Dupeearrings

If you’re like me and totally obsessed with Very Cavallari, then you’re also most likely obsessed with Uncommon James and more specifically their Girl Boss Earrings.  Well, I found a dupe!  These gold, geometric hoops come in a pack of three for $9.99 and I’m wearing the smallest size here.  Not a gold gal?  They also come in silver, rose gold, floral, tortoise, leopard and more!


Lululemon Dupe Leggings from Amazon leggings

I love a good pair of leggings and even more so when they’re like $80+ less than the real ones!  These high-waisted leggings literally feel like you’re wearing nothing.  Super stretchy, but don’t sag, not see-through at all, come in a bunch of colors and they’re only $24!!  If you want to check em out in their entirety, be sure to head over to the “Amazon Finds” Highlight on my Instagram!  I got an XS in these and they fit perfectly.


Amazon Knotted Maxi Dressdress

This max dress is another crowd favorite bc its a maxi dress (duh!), you can wear a regular bra with it, it comes in a TON of colors AND its under $25!  I went with a small in this one and its so cute dressed up, down or even as a coverup!


Spanx Leather Legging Dupes Amazonleggings

I have long lusted over the Spanx Leather Leggings, but not so much their price!  Even at 20% off, I couldn’t pull the trigger.  Enter these dupes!  They fit like a glove, are lightweight, have a high, wide waistband and they’re only…. wait for it….. $25!!  These come in multiple colors and patterns, but I am wearing the Black Foil in an XS in this pair.



I love leopard, I love kimonos, so this is just a no brainer for me!  I kinda feel like hugh hefner rockin’ this one, but i don’t care!  It dresses up the simplest t-shirt and jeans and you just feel like a straight up rockstar when you wear it!  This kimono comes in a few patterns and its only $20! (I’m wearing a small here)


Amazon Straw Crossbody Bag crossbody bag

I’ve been looking for a cute, yet affordable crossbody bag bc I don’t like to spend a lot on trendier items and this bag was just what I wanted!  It has a short strap and a long strap, zip-top close, inside pocket for your cards and cash and its only $20!  Oh yeah, it has 1-Day Free Shipping too – BOOM!  There are a few different styles linked here but I like this one the best!


Karen Walker Dupe Sunglasses Amazonsunnies

I love a good dupe, can you tell?? Well I’ve long obsessed over the Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses, but I just couldn’t get down with their price tag.  Well, I found a dupe!  These are the best oversized, round sunnies in the cutest tortoise, they fit all faces (even my crooked nose) and they’re only $11.99!  They also come in black OR you can get both the black and tortoise for $18.99!


Amazon Camo Baseball Hathat

I’ve been searching for a cute camo baseball hat for those REALLY dirty hair days and I found a great one for only $10!  This one is fully adjustable with a velcro back and comes in quite a few different camo prints!  (I got the “camo”)  This is the perfect hat for any athleisure or casual look and even better for weekend sports!



If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve seen me share these sunnies many times before, but I had to include them bc they’re consistently a best seller for you guys!  For $15, you cannot beat them!  They’re the perfect, black oversized sunnies and the perfect Celine dupe!

So those are my current Amazon Finds, you can get a better peek at most of them over on my Instagram Highlights under “Amazon Finds” and be sure to keep checking my Instagram feed for more bc they are a’comin!  I’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s on my list AKA you can expect to see them trickle in so I can keep Mike from realizing how much I’m buying over on Amazon lately! Eeeek!


ps:  I just wanted to thank you for continuing to shop my links!  I do make a small commission when you do purchase through my links (at no cost to you!), however when you purchase through the amazon app, I do not get credit for that purchase.  All of that is to say is that if you purchase through a web browser, I will get credit and thank you for that!  These small commissions add up and allow me to keep bringing you some great, affordable fashion and beauty finds! xo

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