I am very lucky that I get to travel for work a few times a year. I love seeing new places and while traveling can be tiresome, it’s fun at the same time. There are three things that I reach for every time I travel to make it a lot easier so I figured why not share them with you today especially since we’re coming up on vacation time too!

Belt Bag

I always use a crossbody or a belt bag when I’m traveling to be hands free while having my passport and phone easily accessible. I recently got this belt bag and its SO good! It has plenty of room, zipper pockets, an envelope pocket on the back and its wipeable! I cannot wait to use this for my next trip!

Packing Cubes

I used to always be the girl who had to check a bag – eternal overpacker here! Well, once I found out about packing cubes, I realized that I could still pack what I wanted and fit it all in a carryon instead since the packing cubes organize and shrink down what you’ve got! These are super affordable and come in a bunch of different colors!

Travel Tote

There is nothing worse than high-tailing it through the airport and your bag keeps sliding off your rollercase/bag. That’s why I love this tote for my personal item! It has a sleeve on the back that goes right over the handle of your carryon (or suitcase if you do check a bag!) and keeps it in place. I also love that this tote is so chic with its black quilting and zipper detail and its wipeable as well! (Fun Fact: Mike uses this when he travels sometimes too!)

So those are three things I have to have on me every time I travel! I would love to hear some of your travel necessities so be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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