5 Ways To Wear An Oversized Blazer

Alright, I’m going to preface all of this by the fact that I am having a MAJOR moment with everything “bone,” cream, beige, off-white, whatever you wanna call it. Also, I am loving everything in H&M and Zara right now so chances are anything new you see me wearing is from there! (You can always … Continue Reading

April Bucket List

Hello, hello, Happy April! Spring is so close, I can taste it! Well technically its here, but its not always feeling like it! Anyways, a new month brings a new Bucket List! I have been loving checking things off my bucket lists so far this year and I love the messages you’ve been sending me … Continue Reading

Battle of the V-Neck Tees

The search for the perfect v-neck tee…. I love me some v-neck tees and wear them often so after chatting with my Instagram followers, they gave me their all-time fave v-necks and I’m reviewing 5 of the most popular here! I decided to go with white v-neck tee from each brand bc they’re a classic … Continue Reading

Cozy Spring Finds from Aerie

It’s 2021 and we’re still living in loungewear so I decided to grab a few spring loungewear sets from Aerie! I love Aerie for cozy hoodies, leggings, oversized tees and sweatsuits. Everything I own from Aerie is super soft, affordable and cute! The sun has been peeking out more and more lately so I figured … Continue Reading

March Bucket List

Hello, hello, Happy March! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for spring! I know, it does occasionally snow in March, but I’m hoping for sunnier skies and temps above freezing. Let’s think positively here, k? Ha! Anyways, a new month brings a new Bucket List! I have been loving checking things … Continue Reading

What To Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans

Recently, the internet went crazy after Gen Z deemed Skinny Jeans are no longer the “it jeans” and women everywhere went crazy. “What do I wear instead of skinny jeans?” “Over my dead body!” and the like where the most common comments I’ve seen, but y’all, it ain’t that scary! I’ve been a loyal skinny … Continue Reading

Affordable Graphic Tees

I love me some graphic tees, but the prices get a little out of control sometimes. I prefer my graphic tees under $20 – except for my Anine Bing tee that was a total splurge but its amazing quality and I wear it weekly – but I get most of my graphic tees at Cotton … Continue Reading

A Review of the Best Leggings According to the Internet

It’s 2021 and we’ve been rockin’ leggings pretty much everyday for the past year. With that, there’s talk of “the best leggings” all over the place – The tiktok leggings! Are Spanx leather leggings worth it? What’s so great about Lululemon leggings? Are those Amazon leggings really that good?? Well, I own four of the … Continue Reading

Abercrombie Sale Finds

I recently placed an Abercrombie order and now its all on major sale! Gotta love when that happens, right?? Well, at least now you guys can take advantage of it! Everything I’m showing in this post is under $25 right now! Crazy, right?? Abercrombie currently has 15% Off Everything, Buy One, Get One 50% Off … Continue Reading

Winter Boots

We had our first snow this week and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing bc I had already planned on doing a Winter Boots post today! The funny thing is, you never really think you need a good pair of winter boots until it actually snows and you’re stuck wearing some old sneakers and … Continue Reading