The One Way You’re Sabotaging Your Work Day

Its not oversleeping or writing a to-do list, here’s a sneaky way you’re sabotaging your work day that you might not even be aware of: Want more on this topic? Be sure to follow me over on Instagram! What I’m Wearing: Top | Jeans PS: Subscribe to the blog HERE so you never miss a post! Where To Find Me:Blog | Instagram | Facebook Group | Pinterest | Youtube

Leopard Is My Love Language

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know I looooove me some leopard!  So today, I decided to share some leopard finds I currently have my eye on bc this gal can’t stop won’t stop with my favorite animal print!     As always, you can find me on all of my social … Continue Reading

athleisure faves

lets just say, i’m not your “athleisure” kinda gal. i wear sneakers to workout, which is not as often as it probably should be BUT i do own a few pairs… that sit in my closet…. and collect dust. on the other hand, i do like a soft and oversized sweatshirt so that qualifies as … Continue Reading

three ways to wear a gray t-shirt dress.

are you sick of me talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? I’ve been wearing some of my finds lately (as seen on Instagram), but its also been superhot lately so while they’re good for a shoot, i can’t wear them all day long yet…. cue this dress. i scooped it up on my last … Continue Reading

simplify with jillian rosado > the final recap + conclusion

here we are, the end of my january wardrobe capsule…. this was tough guys. i also realize my last two recaps said the same thing. maybe i’m not the capsule type? i don’t know, but i tried. kinda. i know i wasn’t supposed to shop during the month, but nordstrom, anthropologie and apricot lane came … Continue Reading

plaid + neutrals.

fall is upon us + with that comes fall staples:  plaids, neutrals, cozy sweaters, scarves + boots.  if you don’t know by now, i am a neutrals girl.  sticking to neutrals helps me interchange all of my tops and bottoms to create so many more looks with less pieces. a black + white boyfriend plaid … Continue Reading

summer fashion formula.

remember my cold weather fashion formula?  well I have one for the heat too! need a refresher? a fashion formula is a go-to outfit that can be thrown together in seconds bc you purchase items that fit that formula. moms, busy gals – a fashion formula will save you so much time in the morning … Continue Reading

snow day style.

Living in New Jersey, we usually get a taste of all four seasons.  Sometimes summer will even peek its beautiful face out in the middle of winter….like our 70degree Christmas Day this year. Regardless, around the end of January, we get winter in full effect and then comes the snow.  Last weekend, we got over … Continue Reading

winter uniform.

“I’ll spend $500 on a bag, but I won’t spend $25 on a shirt!” – yours truly. Now let me explain. I don’t go out and buy a new bag every month, I’m talking more like once a year. Let’s face it, I’m not a millionaire, I don’t have an exorbitant amount of money to … Continue Reading