after going vegan a few weeks ago, I also let go of my crazy-intense daily can of coke addiction.  with that, I decided that I needed to up my water intake big time!  so since I love to be held accountable, I invited my facebook group to join me and the response has been mind-blowing!

who would’ve thought so many women would want to drink so much water?!!

so we’re on day one of the challenge and I’m loving seeing everyone’s supercute water bottles so I decided to throw together a quick post with some adorable vessels for all the water that’s going down this week!


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there are a multitude of options out there when it comes to water bottles, but these are just a few that I am totally loving!  so if you like funny slogans, motivational tidbits, glitter or rose gold, wood grain swell bottles for your guy, your typical Nalgene or Hyrdro Flask, the infuser versions to jazz up your water, or if you’re like me and are drawn to anything edgy or black, there is a water bottle out there for you!

some tips when choosing one?

  • choose one that is big enough for how much you plan on drinking
  • choose one that you won’t mind lugging around
  • choose one that fits your style
  • choose one that is BPA-free or opt for stainless steel
  • choose the best nozzle for your needs

I hope this was helpful and if you missed out on joining the challenge, you can try it on your own!  our goal was half your body weight in ounces, so for me at 130lbs, I would drink 65oz/day!
download a water tracking app, jazz yours up with lemons, berries or mint and chug away!

be sure to follow along with me on my instagram stories! xo

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