Happy 2019!!  

The end of 2018 proved to be incredibly busy with the completion of our new sanctuary at the church and the usual holiday buzz, so this blog and my Instagram kind of went by the wayside. For those of you who stuck around and sent your well wishes via DM in the midst of the crazy – you are the BOMB.com – seriously! I am oh so grateful to have every single one of you in my life! Your support of this blog, my Instagram page, my Facebook group, my Stella & Dot business and just having my back means SO SO much! I love sharing what I love with all of you and I’m so lucky to be able to have turned it into a job!

So I’m back today with The Weekly Recap, a series where I share all of the hot items, most purchased pieces and topics of this past week compiled from all of my social media channels BUT I’m doing the 2018 edition for you!  

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Top 10 Purchases in 2018

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10 / knotted tee shirt dress
this dress was one of my go-to’s this summer!
SO soft, SO easy – just how I like my summer fashion!
sadly its no longer available but I’ll be sure to find something similar once it warms up again!

9 / leopard jacquard sweater
the infamous leopard sweater!
this sold out SO fast but you gals went straight up nuts over it

8 / button-down dress
this dress was a HUGE hit in my facebook group and I love it so much that I had to get it in two colors! even better? its still available HERE and can be worn with some tall boots and a big cardi in these cold temps!

7 / THE sunnies
99.9% of the time you see me, I am wearing these sunnies!
I freakin’ love them so much and they just look good on all faces.
they are still available HERE, I’m still rockin’ them almost daily and they come in 21 colors!

6 / THE eye cream
I shared this stuff with you guys pretty much every time it went on sale bc I use this daily and grab a tube every time it goes on sale! you can literally feel it tightening the skin under your eyes and it has def vanished the bags under my tired ol’ eyes! grab it HERE for 30% off right now with code FB30

5 / suede slides
slides were all the rage this year and this pair was a crowd fave!
they come in six colors and they are still a few pairs available HERE in select sizes and colors if you wanna stock up for next year!
you cannot beat their $12 price tag!

4 / THE wedges
its funny sometimes how a simple poll of “should I buy these?” turns into a flooding of DMs asking for all the deets! you gals went crazy over these wedges and rightfully so, they’re adorable!
you can still grab them in select sizes and colors HERE

3 / cheetah heels
these shoes, the ones Mike likes to call my “Peg Bundy Shoes” were one of my favorite closet additions this whole year! they are SO cute, super comfy and soft and just punch up the simplest of outfits!
if you’re a size 7 like me, you can still snag a pair HERE

2 / polka dot tee
occasionally I’ll try something on for fun and it ends up being the big seller in my fitting room diaries and that’s exactly what happened here! I’m not usually a huge polka dot fan (altho I’ve been wearing more of them lately), but people went straight up BANANAS over this tee! I’m still amazed how many of you grabbed this tee! its no longer available, but for the polka dot lovers in the house, I’ve been loving this tee and this sweatshirt lately!

if Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her paper magazine cover, then this poncho broke my instagram. never ever have you guys bought more of something before than this poncho! in fact, over 250 of you grabbed this! I kid you not!! if you missed it, I’m sorry – its amazing! you CAN grab it in a pretty yellow color still (its on clearance HERE) but this was just TOO good! SO comfy, SO soft, just EVERYTHING!

Top 10 Blog Posts

So there it is… 2018 in a nutshell!

So what’s my plan for 2019? Three blog posts a week right here focusing on fashion, beauty and life (per your votes on Instagram), more Fitting Room Diaries bc you gals seem to really love those, The Weekly Recap every Friday, my weekly newsletter every Saturday and in between those, be sure to follow along with me all over the web:

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