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I am SO excited for my first post on ur basic mom and hope you love it too!

If you read my bio over on the Meet Our Moms page, you will know that I’m 37, married with two tween boys, i.e. my life is VERY busy and I don’t always have time to sit around thinking about what to wear. I have basketball games to be at, grocery shopping to do, personal styling appointments to be at, and leadership training to share…. oh yeah and we run a church too, so you get the point – THIS GAL IS BUSY.  

However, there is one thing you will never see me leave the house in and they are Leggings. Ladies: leggings, yoga pants, whatever you want to call them, are made for yoga or lounging around your house. No matter how “busy” you say you are, I want to help you find a look that is just as easy to put on as those dreaded leggings!  

Come on, you are SO much better than those $8 black leggings that you live in and are probably see-through at this point.  

So I’m going to let you in on my secret:

How I have time to get “dressed” and rock my MomStyle!

Its not some crazy underground thing here people, I just stick with neutral basics.

Creating a closet of simple basics in neutral colors will allow you to grab and go in the morning bc everything matches!  Genius, am I right?!!

So today I’m sharing with you, some NEUTRAL BASICS that you can load up your closet with!


High-Waisted Skinnies

My faves come from American Eagle (yes, you CAN still shop there!) and Express, however these Levi’s are my ultimate fave and I literally have to stop myself from wearing them everyday. The high-waist is important bc it sucks everything in and along with a skinny leg, it gives a long, lean line and what mom doesn’t want that?!!! I wear a lot of distressed jeans in various levels of distressing, but I also constantly go for my simple black jeggings that match pretty much everything. With the amount of stretch and support in today’s jeans, you can LOSE THE LEGGINGS and upgrade your look with a simple black jegging instead!


Oversized Cardigans

I am a huge fan of cardigans period, but lately I’ve been reaching for the oversized version bc when paired over your high-waisted skinnies, you can create a slimmer silhouette underneath while staying warm and cozy in the oversized knitted goodness that is your cardi.


Easy Tees

So when you’re grabbing for your cardigan, you clearly need something to go underneath!

Now, I used to be the type of gal who would grab 3 $8 tees every time I hit Target only to find that after 2-3 wears  they’ve shrunken, lost their shape and became a yellowy-white or faded black. Ladies, stop doing what I used to do. You get what you pay for.  Now, instead of blowing $24 on three tees that last me a few weeks every Target trip, I spend a little more on a better quality tank or tee that will last me years.  Yes, years.  My faves are from Madewell and Free People. They’re soft, figure flattering and will last you years.  Yes, I’ll say it again, years.



This time of year its cold. Really freakin cold. And sometimes, I want to branch out from my usual tee and cardigan look. In these moments, I reach for thermals. Whether they’re button down or oversized with a supercute bralette under, these are another everyday option to just throw on with your jeans. I have to hide some of mine or else I would honestly wear them everyday!


Ankle Boots

My collection of ankle boots is probably a little out of control, but I also love a fun pop on my feet with my neutral basics.  Beginners should have at least two pairs of ankle booties in their closet: black and tan or camel. They will go with everything, look good on everyone, and are a great everyday shoe option. You can branch out and go for a printed pair or a bright color too, shoes are meant to be fun!


Ok, so now that you have the basics of your wardrobe,  let’s add in some EXTRAS:

Chambray Shirts

Everybody needs one. It’ll pair well with jeans, skirts, joggers, etc! And let’s take a sec to talk about the double denim trend: Do not be afraid of wearing a chambray shirt with your jeans! Just be sure that they are different washes to avoid that Justin/Britney look of the early 2000s. I like to keep the chambray lighter and my jeans darker when doubling up! Try it, I promise you’ll love the combo!  



Chic Sweatshirts

Athleisure is a huge trend so why not add in a chic sweatshirt? This is where I’ll spend less money bc it’s something that you won’t be wearing for years to come. Whether you grab a comfy version, a tunic length, lace-up or something with embellishment, you will definitely look stylish wearing one of these on your weekends!



I know, you were probably thinking, “if this chick thinks I’m wearing ankle boots to soccer practice, she done lost her mind!”  Nope, you can add sneakers and there are so many cute pairs that will keep you looking stylish!  


Moto Jackets

I LOVE my moto jacket. So much so that when mine mysteriously went missing a few weeks ago, I went calling around to everyone I know to see if I left my precious jacket at their home. If you were one of those people, I apologize…. kinda. A leather or suede moto jacket may sound like a big investment, but there are some amazing faux options out there that you need to look into! Remember how we talked about those easy tees and thermals above; add a leather jacket over them and bam, you’re no longer a regular mom, you’re a cool mom.


Leather Leggings

These might sound scary to some of you, but trust me on this. Leather leggings are still on trend and can be worn with a tunic length top, an oversized cardi, etc. My only rule is that my butt is always covered. This Spanx pair is pretty pricey, however they are high-waisted and suck you in like only that Spanx-Magic can do. They are highly recommend by pretty much every blogger I follow, BUT if you don’t want to spend much on trying these out, I found this pair for much cheaper.  Don’t be afraid ladies, your guy will LOVE these on you come date night!



To round this post out, I couldn’t NOT mention ACCESSORIES!!

As a Stella & Dot Star Stylist, I am ALL about my accessories and feel they truly bring my look together.  For example, if I threw on a simple t-shirt and jeans, it wouldn’t be anything special. However, when I add a statement necklace, layered dainty necklaces or a fun earring, it instantly upgrades my look. Try it one day and take a before and after pic; you’ll see the difference and say to yourself, “Man, that girl Jillian Rosado really knows what she’s talking about!”

Not sure where to start with your accessories?

You’ll need a simple everyday necklace that goes with anything or maybe something personalized is more your style? A simple diamond keepsake.  A long layered pendant necklace that is 3-in-1 will give you more bang for your buck. Even better, how about a 5-in-1 statement necklace? Any of these will take you day to day and give your look a little upgrade.  

Some of my other faves include:  a convertible ring, these intention bracelets, this mixed media wrap bracelet, these gold hoops, a simple sparkle stud, these fun ear climbers, and these colorful beauties that are perfect for spring!  


Whether you’re a mom or not, you have stuff and you need something to put your stuff in! I love these totes for everyday, in canvas or leather. They’re SO well made and fit all of your things! When I don’t feel like carrying something so big each day, I go with my Sunday Bag in its buttery-leather goodness!  For the weekend when you don’t have to carry so much, I love this crossbody bag and my mini backpack – yes they’re back and updated in gorgeous black leather!  Got a date night coming up? This convertible clutch is a must!  I love the zipper detail, too!



I used to think that I couldn’t carry off a hat; but after trying 1,000 of them on, I’ve come to find these two and they are my go-to when my Day 5 hair is on its last legs..



So those are my MomStyle Essentials for 2018, I hope you found them helpful and be sure to follow along with my blog and on Instagram for more style ideas!  xo


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