When I hit my mid-30s, I experienced acne like never before! As a teen, I very rarely got a zit so I guess they all decided to hold out til later in life to make an appearance. It was unsightly, painful and made me ashamed of my face, but after lots of trial and error, evaluation and consistency with my routine, its cleared up!

***I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST OR EDUCATED IN ANY SKINCARE FIELD OR PROFESSION. I am just sharing what I found to work for me.***


Nighttime Routine:
Cleansing Balm| Face Wash | Rosewater Spray | Cotton Round | Honeymoon Glow | Hyaluronic Acid | Glycolic Acid Pads | Retinol | Night Cream

Daytime Routine:
Face Wash | Rosewater SprayEye Cream |  Collagen Booster | Vitamin C | Jade Roller | Moisturizer | Primer

Collagen Powder | Eye Patches | Blood Mask | Babyfacial Mask | Face Oil | Face Razors | Derma Roller | Face Vacuum | Lavender Eye Masks | Drying Lotion | Makeup Brush Cleaner

Outfit Details:
Sweater | Leggings | Earrings

Where To Find Me:
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