I had surveyed my Facebook group like two months ago for blog posts they’d like to see and Bathroom Organization was one of them! I not only own a TON of products, but I get sent products as well, so it gets a little crazy in my bathroom. So, I guess you could say organization is KEY! Well, it wasn’t until about a month ago that I tried to bring some order to under my bathroom sink, but I am loving having everything so neat and orderly now! So today, I’m sharing THREE affordable items that I use to organize my bathroom.

This spinning organization is EVERYTHING! Its super easy to put together and what I like about it is that you choose where the shelves go so you can make taller and shorter sections to fit your specific products. It fits perfectly under my sink and spins so smoothly!

I’ve had this makeup organizer for about a year now and I wish I had grabbed it sooner! Just like the spinner, you can adjust the dividers to however you need them and I love the brush holders with a velcro flap so they don’t touch your other products. This one is perfect to travel with as well! I clearly need to wipe mine down tho, huh?

Lastly, baskets! I got mine at Home Goods, but you can find them anywhere tbh. I’m linking almost the exact same ones HERE. I love mine bc they’re cute, but also plastic so I can wipe them down or even throw them in the dishwasher if they get grimy or something spills in them!

So that’s how I organize my bathroom! I also loved taking on this project bc it forced me to clean out old products and stuff I didn’t use bc it sure does pile up and you forget about the products you love bc of all the other stuff crowding it!

Do you like these type of posts? Let me know bc if so, it’ll force me to get more organized so I can help you guys at the same time!

PS: Have you seen The Home Edit on Netflix yet??? They organized Rachel Zoe’s closet and I pretty much died! DEF check it out! Their book is supposed to be a game changer for organizing, maybe I need to snag it….

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