I’ve been asked for a men’s style post for awhile now so I asked Mike to share with me some of his favorite pieces from his closet. I started by asking him how he’d describe his style and he said, and I quote, “I’m not quite hood, but I’m not completely a gentleman.” Guys, I have no idea what he’s talking about, but that’s what he said….

When Mike and I met, he had a LOT going on in his wardrobe. LOTS of color, random trendy pieces, a purple puffy Knicks vest…. it was A LOT. I slowly started showing him how building a wardrobe of neutral basics would make getting dressed so much easier. So he’s to the point now that pretty much everything in his closet goes together. That’s the thing with guys, they don’t want fuss, but they want to look and feel good.

I would describe Mike’s style as edgy, street style with some simple basics. Most of his clothes come from H&M, Cotton On and Amazon. Here’s a breakdown of some of his most worn, signature styles:


Mike loves a jean jacket. He throws it on over a graphic tee, button down shirt or hoodie. He has had this one from the Gap for a few years now and its held up really well. (He also owns a black denim jacket and a white denim jacket, but let’s start slowly here).

He’s also a fan of a classic, faux leather moto jacket. Again, throw one on over a t-shirt, button down or hoodie. Instant edge. He’s had one from Forever 21 for a few years now and this one is an almost identical option.

Lastly, a camel overcoat. He’d been eyeing this coat for about a year and I bought it for him for our anniversary last year. His exact coat restocked this year and I highly recommend it. He’s worn it over a white button down with jeans and boots, a graphic tee with slim, cuffed pants and sneakers. It’s very versatile and chic. He bought a similar one in black from Amazon.


For pants, he loves these slim cut pants from H&M. They come in many colors – he has them in black and olive green – and they’re only $20. He likes to cuff these up above his ankle to show off his shoes. (I’ll get to shoes below).

He prefers a dark skinny jean and does well with AE’s line. They have some stretch to them which works for him bc he has athletic legs.

He’s a huge fan of joggers bc they’re comfy and easy to wear. He really likes Cotton On’s joggers and wears this camo pair often!

He’s also been on a plaid pants kick lately. He actually does follow some male fashion bloggers on Instagram and quickly grabbed this pair once seeing them fill his feed. He paired these with a white button down, his long camel coat and some white sneakers. Not gonna lie, it looked pretty dang good.


Ok so Mike LOVES these t-shirts. I think he has them in every color they make. He likes that they’re a little longer than the typical t-shirt. He also loves a good hip-hop influenced graphic tee.

He loves a simple button down, especially a white oxford. He likes to keep it buttoned all the way up to the top and then throws a jacket on top. I was skeptical at first, but really like the look now.

Lastly, hoodies. The man loves him some hoodies. This one is his current fave, but he also likes a solid hoodie as well.

Ok, Shoes.

My husband is a self-confessed sneakerhead. He’s shared his obsession with our boys so anytime we enter a shoe store, I know it’s not possible for us to leave without at least one pair in hand.

I asked Mike to pick THREE Must-Have Pairs of Shoes for Men and at first, he scoffed that it would be impossible, but quickly followed it up with these three: a pair of all-white Air Force Ones, a pair of Jordan Retro 3 Mochas (or any Jordan Retro 3s) and a pair of tan Chelsea boots. You can dress all three up or down to be honest and I’d probably choose the same three as well.

So there you have it, Fall Style Picks from my husband, Mike Rosado. Feel free to leave any questions you might have about mens style below and I’ll make sure Mike answers them!

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