Hair Washing. It’s such a chore, but we’ve gotta do it! I am often asked about the products I use on my hair and how often I wash, so I figured, why not just share it here so you can reference it back whenever you’d like!

I wash my hair about every 4-5 days. I have been doing so for years and often get the question, HOW? Well, you’ve gotta train your hair gals! You can’t just go from washing everyday to washing every 4-5 days, your hair would be a greasy ol’ mess! Start small, wash every other day and use a dry shampoo on the no-wash days. My all-time favorite is the Suave Dry Shampoo. I know, you’re like seriously?? Suave?? Yup, I’ve been using it for years and you can get a 2pk for like $6! I do also love the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, but its a little pricey. Anyways, once your hair gets used to that, move on to washing every two days and so forth. Like I said, it takes time, but its so much better for your hair as frequent washing often dries out the hair shaft.

Now the flip side of not washing often means you risk clogging up the hair follicle with all of that dry shampoo and clogging up the hair follicle also means slowing down hair growth so there are things I do to fight that bc one thing I don’t want is dried out, non-growing hair! I realize this might be quite the process of washing, but I only do it once or twice a week so I don’t mind one bit, but it does take some planning around early meetings, etc, ha!

So when it comes to hair washing, the first thing I do is an oil treatment the night before. A friend of mine gave me this Olaplex Bonding Oil and my hairstylist suggested an overnight oil treatment before washing. I take about 6-8 drops of the oil and rub it on my ends and any breakage I have around my hair line. You can simply go to sleep like that, you won’t be dripping in oil one bit! I do want to try this hair mask though, I’ve heard great things about it! I also really love the Olaplex line!

So the morning of my hair washing, I apply my favorite, the DP Hue ACV Scalp Scrub. I have been raving about this stuff for like a year now over on Instagram stories. I just love how clean it makes my scalp feel and after using dry shampoo for 4-5 days, a good scalp cleansing is very necessary! I rub the scrub into my hair line and throughout my scalp while sectioning out my hair to ensure I get my whole scalp. I let it sit on for about 20 minutes just to do its thing.

When I hop in the shower, I rub the scrub into my scalp in circular motions while the water rinses it out. Then I apply my Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector. My hairstylist highly recommended this for me to not only soften and smooth my hair, but also strengthen it too. If you use any sort of heat on your hair, this treatment will really help restore it! I apply this to my hair, concentrating on the length and ends, but I do put a little at the root (not much). I let it sit while I shave, wash my body, etc – about 10-15 minutes. (I’ve heard you can also sleep in this, but I haven’t tried that yet!). When that time has passed, I rinse it out well.

Now time for shampoo. I am not only a double cleanser on my face, but also on my hair. It might be too much, but I just really want to make sure my hair and scalp are super clean when I’m done! I start with my Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo. I mainly focus on my scalp with this shampoo. I let it sit for a few minutes, rinse it out and then do my second wash with the Living Proof Full Shampoo. I massage this through my scalp and the length of my hair. I love the volume and fullness it gives me! I let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out.

Lastly, I condition. I use about a quarter-sized amount of the Living Proof Full Conditioner and apply it to the ends and the length of my hair. I let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Once I’m done, I wrap my hair in my Aquis Hair Towel – this thing is amazing, I’ve had it for about five years now and it gets rid of any extra moisture. I’ve tried other hair towels, but this one is the best I’ve found!

From there on, you can check out My Everyday Hair Tutorial I did HERE last fall. The only difference is I apply this hair oil before and after drying and lately, I’ve also been flat ironing instead of curling my new blunt cut – I’m loving it so much! I’m linking up my hair tools below along with all the products I use for the whole hair washing process!

I hope this answers any questions you might have, but if not, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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