I try a lot of beauty products out and I figured, why not share my results each month with you? I mean, I love when I discover a new product and I’m sure you do too so just sharing the love per usual! Each month, I will give you a recap of new products I’ve tried and my honest reviews on them – good or bad! So this month, I’ve been using the four products you see above and here’s my take on each one!

The Monthly Beauty Edit April 2021 Caudalie Armani Beauty Loreal Voluminous Tata Harper

Caudalie Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser

I got a sample of this cleanser in my most recent Sephora order so I gave it a slot in my nighttime skincare routine. Now, I am a double cleanser – I use this cleansing balm first – so this Caudalie cleanser was my second wash. It definitely got rid of an extra makeup or oil that was left behind from my first wash and what I liked about it was it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight like most “purifying” cleansers do. It is a little on the pricey side ($28 for 5oz bottle), but a little goes a long way and it has almost 29K likes and a 90% recommend rate on Sephora.com

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation

Y’all, the hype is real with this stuff. I have heard people rave about this Armani Beauty foundation for awhile now and kept saying to myself, it’s all hype. So yeah, I was totally wrong! I had worn Fenty Foundation for years as I loved how buildable it was and gave great coverage. Guys, this stuff is on another level! Its lightweight, but gives great coverage, it blends seamlessly and the color match is perfection. I immediately threw away my Fenty foundation bc the Armani Beauty one is my go-to now! My skin looks smoother and glowier (without being greasy). Is it expensive? Yes, but a pump and a half covers my whole face so it’ll definitely last awhile. I wear color 4.75 and figured that out by using Sephora‘s color match tool online – it was super easy!

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Conditioning Primer Mascara

Mascara primer is a must for me. I kept getting frustrated that mascaras would clump, flake and smudge off no matter which one I tried so one day I decided to give mascara primer a try. I love this one by Tarte, but I wanted to find one that was even cheaper. So I was at Target and grabbed a tube of L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black – one of my fave mascaras for years – and noticed that they made this primer so I figured why not give it a shot? Guys, it’s really good! I will definitely be rebuying this – it’s only $7 fyi!

Tata Harper Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask

So Sephora really knows how to get you with those samples they offer…. I got a sample of this mask awhile back and really loved it. Your skin is noticeably brighter the next day after using it and it doesn’t sting when you apply it. The BHAs in the mask are chemical exfoliators that help to improve dullness, minimize pores and smoothes the texture of your skin. So I had finished the sample and went to buy and then saw the price tag. Its expensive y’all – $65 for a 1oz jar. I was disappointed bc I really liked it. Since then, I haven’t found another mask that delivers as well as this one. Sure, this one by The Ordinary is good, but its not this one. So this past Sephora sale, I had my 20% off and splurged on it. I use the smallest amount possible to stretch the jar for as long as I can and sometimes, its a matter of “you get what you pay for” I guess?

So there you go, four new beauty products I’ve been using this month! I hope you find some that you love to help with whatever skin woes you’re having or to add into your makeup routine. Be sure to let me know if you try any of these – I’d love to hear what you’re loving!

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