over a month ago, i did a haircare routine post and many of you had asked me for an update, especially after starting my monat products.  in the last post, i had just started using monat and you can read what products i started with here.

my routine has switched up a little bit:


i start off with their Black 2-in-1 Shampoo.

typically meant for men, this shampoo has been my #1 pick, especially for the first wash.  it cleanses so well and leaves a minty-fresh feeling on my scalp.  its great if you have oily roots as it helps with the oil buildup.  its also a great pick for blondes as it acts as a “purple shampoo” brightening your color and cutting brassiness.  like i mentioned, i use this as my first wash.  i use a quarter-sized amount since i have longer hair and massage into my scalp for about a minute then rinse really well.

next up, i use the Renew Shampoo.

you gotta wash, rinse, repeat.  the phrase wasn’t created for nothing! this shampoo is hydrating and just like the Black, it penetrates the scalp to get all that gunk out and unclogging the hair follicle to promote new hair growth.  i use this for my second wash, again massaging into my scalp for a minute or two and washing well.

the difference in the two washes?

the first wash will not lather.  its simply loosening up and drawing out all of that buildup.  the second wash will lather and finishes cleansing the hair.


next up, the deep smoothing conditioner.

i was originally using the revitalize conditioner, which is okay, but my dry ends needed a little more.  i had heard many monat users rave about this product so i scooped it up.  it does not disappoint!  it smoothes and conditions my hair like WHOA.  its infused with rejuveniqe (the bomb hair oil) and just smoothes, controls frizz, gives crazy shine, but does not weigh my hair down one bit!  again, apply a nickel-sized amount to the length of your hair, let sit for a minute or so and then rinse really well!


i’m using the same styling products as before, but i’ll relist them for you here:  i spray the root lifter on the root and crown of my head (about 2-3 sprays).  i then apply a mixture of the blowout cream (about a dime-sized amount) with 2 drops of the rejuveniqe hair oil, then i apply the thickening spray (about 3-4 sprays) – all on the length of my hair.

i then dry my hair and i’m lazy so i very rarely blow my hair out with a round brush.  i’m more of a rough-dry kinda gal!
i usually leave my hair straight on day 1, i curl on day 2 and i just leave it as is on day 3 as my curl holds so well since starting these products.  clearly, i need a little something on days 2 and 3, so i apply the dry shampoo which has totally won me over!  yes, the price tag is a little more than what i’m used to (i used to spend $3 on a bottle of suave dry shampoo), but i’m noticing i use less of the monat version and i’m no longer having breakouts below my hairline on the back of my neck so that’s a plus in my book!

some products i’ve tried and haven’t loved?
the mousse – it just made my hair at the root feel funky and i’m not loving it.  also the masque – i know people who love this as it deposits protein onto the hair shaft, strengthening and helping the hair growth, however if you don’t follow with a conditioner, your hair will feel awful.  some people confuse this for a conditioning masque but it is not!  i know some girls use this weekly, but i barely have enough time to shower that long to keep it on for 5-10 minutes, so i’ve decided to just use monthly at this point.  if anyone has seen specific results from using weekly that would change my mind, let a gal know!

some products my customers are using and loving?
the IRT spray – this is key for new moms and balding men for regrowth especially after baby!
the air dry cream – its October’s ‘Only for You’ product which is free for VIPs* with their order of $84 or more.  the results are crazy!  i posted some pics over in Style Your Life by Jillian Rosado and my gals were going nuts!

so here’s the before and after that i know you are all waiting for:

its only been a little over a month, but i think you can see a difference here.
my hair has grown – hard to see here because i had a cut in between those pics.  my hair is thicker, smoother and shinier – it also feels amazing too!  i’ve been washing every three days (which is huge since i used to be a once a week washer!)  just to make sure i’m getting the full benefits and the products are doing their thing!  you can’t just try once and think you know what the deal is.  you have to give it time and also use it consistently or what’s the point?

so here’s my disclaimer as before:
bc i like to be totally open with you guys, this girl loves a discount so i am a market partner with monat so i will earn a commission on anything purchased though my link HOWEVER all opinions are my own and are not affected by my market partner status.


*VIP status: For a one-time fee of $19.99, you get free shipping on orders $84 and over and you get 15% off of all products so you make your money back the first time you order. You will be put on an flexship, but you control it and can login to your account and choose what products you need and what date you need them! The only requirement is 3 orders during your VIP enrollment (aka your lifetime, not a 12mo period), no other dollar amount or product requirement. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee!

current promotions:

* when you enroll as a Market Partner in October with a Product Pack, you will also receive a “glam pack” for free!  the glam pack includes:  The Champ Dry Shampoo, Refinish Control Hairspray, Rejuvabeads and Blow Out Cream (a $161 value!)

* holiday packs are now available while supplies last!  you name it, there’s a holiday pack for it!  a men’s shaving set, a shower set, hand therapy, travel set, styling on the go, foot set, styling tools, etc!  check em out here.

xo, jillian

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