I’ve been asked quite a few times for a hair tutorial, so today I’m sharing from washing thru curling, how I do my hair! A quick note before we get into it.

I wash my hair twice a week, max. I’ve been doing so for YEARS now. It definitely takes some training for your hair to get used to so I recommend starting by washing every other day, then every two days and so on. I usually wash on Day 4 or 5. I use dry shampoo each day to help absorb the oil from my scalp. I’ve been using Suave Dry Shampoo for legit 6-7 years and I’ve tried almost all of them – its cheap and works well so I stick with it!

Ok now that we’ve covered that, here’s my hair tutorial – I tried to keep it short, but there was a LOT to explain! Also, I am NOT a hairstylist at all, so don’t judge the technique.

I hope you’ve found this super helpful and be sure to leave any questions you have in the comments!

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