I’m often complimented on my hair and it makes me so happy bc my hair is “my thing” and I work really hard to keep it healthy, especially after experiencing hair loss from alopecia last year. It made me question every single thing I touch my hair with and I did a total re-haul on my haircare regimen. You can read about my experience with alopecia HERE.

my thin, brittle hair in April 2021

my full, healthy hair in April 2022 – post rough dry and now with a blunt cut

Besides having an amazing hairstylist – yes, you Kate over at Studio Ten Salon – I have been very conscious about the products I’m using, the heat I put on my hair and my scalp health. I won’t go through every single product I use, but I will point out a few favorites:

Scalp Purifying Scrub – Scalp health is important bc clogged follicles can’t grow hair – it’s pretty basic. I use this scalp scrub every 3-4 washes to make sure I’m getting all that dry shampoo and product buildup off my scalp making a clear way for my hair follicles to grow. This scrub has a finer grain so it really gets in there and makes my scalp feel super clean and gives my hair tons of volume too

Damage Repair Bond Building Hair Treatmentthis product is a conditioning serum that helps strengthen your hair and improves its resistance to breakage. I’ve definitely noticed less breakage since using this every 3-4 washes – usually when I use the scalp scrub.

Rejuvenique Hair Oil – ok this hair oil is like Frank’s Red Hot, I put it on everything! My hair, my face, dry skin, my lips – everywhere! I put it on my hair when its wet, I put it on before using heat, I use it when finishing my hair and the best way to use it is as an oil treatment the night before you’re going to wash your hair. Its great for hydrating the hair and skin as well as protecting it.

Intense Repair Treatment – I raved about this stuff in my alopecia post and I’m still using it everyday! I spray it where I’m prone to hair loss as well as along my middle part and my hair line – especially at my temples. It promotes hair growth whether you have hair loss from whatever sickness or that gnarly postpartum hair loss or if you want thicker hair. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself and the bald spot I had that is no longer there.

Heat Protectant Spray – We all destroy our hair with heat – hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons wands – and seldom do we do anything to protect our locks! I love this heat protectant spray especially on my regrowth and fragile face framing strands! This is not heavy at all and I just spray it on pre-heat for an extra line of defense.

Some other things I do to protect my hair health? I try to eat lots of healthy fats and omegas. I take an omega supplement from Cymbiotika. I wash my hair twice a week which makes my hair less dry. I don’t use high heat temps on my hair when drying/curling and I try to air dry as much as possible!

So that’s a quick peek at what I’m doing to keep my hair healthy! What are some of your favorite products or go to practices? I’d love to hear about them below!

Keepin It 100: I am a Monat Market Partner, however my opinions are always my own.  I purchased all of the products in this post at a discount with my own money. I was not paid to write this post, however if you purchase the products in this post with the links I’ve shared, I do earn a commission on your purchase at no cost to you.

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