Hello January!

As I mentioned in THIS POST, my motto for this year is Celebrate Everything and with that, I’ll be putting out monthly Bucket Lists to help you celebrate along with me!

The goal of these bucket lists is to help inspire you, to bring connection with others in a safe way and while spreading joy, even in the midst of a pandemic. You can choose one item or all of them, spread them out over the month or tackle them all in a week, whatever works for you! Its supposed to be a fun, no pressure way to Celebrate Everything in January!

Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list:

Send A Handwritten Note to a Friend | This one sounds self explanatory, but seriously, when was the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone in the mail? For me, it’s been awhile. It’s funny bc I love getting cards and notes in the mail, so you would think I’d be doing the same in return! Nope! So this month, I’m sending out some handwritten notes – think birthday cards, thank you cards, notes for family/friends who are sick/just had a baby/going thru a hard time or just something encouraging bc I think we could all use that right now!

Clean Out Your Bathroom Vanity | A lot of people go into psycho-organizing mode in the new year so take a moment to clean out under your sink! If you’re anything like me, it’s probably well overdue! Throw out those empties and expireds, wipe it down, line things up all pretty and functionally! If you are looking to get a little organized, you can also check out THIS POST for some of my tips & tricks!

Make Bread from Scratch | I recently made bread for the first time in my new dutch oven and there is something about it that made me feel SO accomplished! So whether its some banana bread, muffins or a loaf of no knead bread, make some this month! I’m making a lot of soups and chilis lately so bread is the perfect accompaniment! Need some bread recipes and ideas? I have a bunch pinned HERE

Make 15 Yarn Tassels | You might be reading this and wondering why the heck would you make 15 yarn tassels??? Well, we’re doing an easy Valentine’s Day craft on the 20th and you’ll need 15 yarn tassels to do so! Not sure how to make one? Check out THIS TUTORIAL I made!

Celebrate MLK Day | Martin Luther King Jr Day is January 18th this year and there are so many ways you can celebrate Dr. King’s life on your own and with your kids too: dive deeper into his speeches, read a book or watch a movie or documentary about his life, take a virtual tour of the National Civil Rights Museum or volunteer for a service project – you can find some locally at nationalservices.org

Take A Walk In The Snow | Ok, so this one depends on if it snows where you are, but if it does snow, go for a walk in it! You might be thinking, GIRL its too cold, ain’t nobody got time for that! But there is something so calming about walking in the snow – its quiet, its pretty and I don’t know, you’ll just have to trust me on this one!

Text/DM The Next Person Who Pops In Your Head | How many times does someone pop in your head and you’re like, I wonder how they’re doing? (or something along those lines) and you just let it go? In my experience, every single time I reach out to that person who popped in my head, they’ve needed that check-in at that point in their life. Disclaimer: Don’t be a stalker or anything with this. You get the point. Next time you’re making your bed and your friend from work/college/gym (fill in the blank) pops in your head, simply shoot them a text or a dm and say, “hey, how are you?” How easy is that y’all???

Celebrate National Popcorn Day | Yes, there’s such thing as National Popcorn Day and the Rosado fam will be celebrating it on January 19th! Have fun with this! Make a popcorn bar, individual mini bags or just pop a bag of movie theater butter and a bottle of wine for your nighttime bingeing of Bridgerton!

Curl Up With A Book and A Hot Drink | When was the last time you just sat down on the couch with a cozy blanket, a book and a hot drink uninterrupted? We seldom make time for ourselves to do stuff like that and most times, we need to get creative to find that space. When I was a single mom, it was hard to find any alone time, but that just meant some mornings, I woke up a little earlier or some nights, I let the laundry go and just relaxed. We need to make time for ourselves and this me telling you to do just that! Find ONE HOUR to curl up with a book, magazine, kindle or your phone and a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a hot toddy and take some YOU time! We all deserve it, especially after the holidays!

So there you have it, our January Bucket List! I hope you join me in this and have fun with it! Below you can find a printable of the list, an image to share on facebook or instagram and one for your instagram story! Be sure to tag me @jillianrosado so I know you’re joining in! I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this month’s challenge!

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