Thanksgiving is tomorrow and while I practice gratitude daily and not just this time of year, I wanted to pause and share my heart with all of you.

I was asked this week, Why Did You Become An Influencer? At first, the question made me cringe bc I don’t consider myself an influencer, but while sitting with that question, isn’t that kind of what I do? I guess I cringe bc of the negative chatter that comes along with the title of influencer and the assumption that its all for money. For me, it never has been. Has it been nice to make a few bucks here or there, sure! Am I rolling in the dough from my social media profile, absolutely not.

For me, I do all of this out of passion. I do all of this for each and every one of you who I’ve connected with thru this “gig.” I’ve never looked at any of you as a click, a like, a follower or a purchase. Each and every one of you is a person with feelings, hopes, dreams and struggles just looking for someone to see you, listen to you, help you find a cute outfit, a tasty meal or something fun to do. And you know what, maybe that’s why I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, a six-figure influencing salary or long term partnerships? The Enneagram 8 in me (I’m a Challenger) has never wanted to be told what to share and I’ve never wanted to share something bc of the number of zeros on the check that comes along with it.

I’m just me and I share me and sometimes its not the most popular thing or glamorous thing or marketable thing, but there are plenty of people out there who do that. I just want to lead a strong community of women who are picking each other up, helping each other down and poking fun at ourselves along the way.

So all of that’s to say is THANK YOU! Thank You for your kind words of encouragement. Thank You for watching me talk about everything and nothing each morning with my eye crusties, the same ol’ leopard pjs and big ol’ glasses. Thank You for loving me, my family and everything that comes along with that. I promise to keep sharing the good and the bad and always the real. So whether you’re new here or you’re just hopping in, its gonna be a fun ride and I’m oh so glad that you’re coming along with me!

Have A Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

Love, Jillian

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