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And Day 3, And Day 4, And Day…. I wash my hair like once, maybe twice a week. Day 1 is wash day and I’ll do a full-on wash routine (scalp scrub and all!) and then I’ll blow it out and curl it. So Day 2, I like to refresh Day 1’s style without adding additional heat and there’s a 3-step process I follow to do so! To make it even easier, I’m sharing a video of exactly how I do it on Instagram today too!

Watch my hair refresh reel here

Step 1: Dry Shampoo

You gotta soak up any scalp oil and dry shampoo will do just that plus it adds a little texture and volume to your hair. I spray my dry shampoo at the crown of my head and across the middle of my head and at the nape of my neck. I clip the front of my hair back and let it sit while I do my makeup. When I’m done, I use my fingers to rub it into my scalp and then brush through my hair.

I use Monat’s Dry Shampoo

Step 2: Hair Oil

I use hair oil every day and all the time. Its done wonders for my strands. So once I brush my hair out, I rub 3-4 drops of oil in between my hands and then distribute evenly through the length of my hair and my ends. I also apply it to my regrowth in the front of my hairline – gotta keep those hairs growing! This oil does not leave my hair oily at all – its too good!

I use Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil

Step 3: Dry Texturizing Spray

The last step is dry texturizing spray. It adds volume, texture and piecey-ness (is that a word??). I spray that at the root and then randomly into the length of my hair and use my hands to rough it up a bit. I like that beachy, bedhead look!

I use Monat’s Studio One Dry Texturizing Spray

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