As you know, I’m one of those hot girls with stomach problems so no dairy around here for me! I’m lucky that we have a local ice cream shop with dairy-free options, but if we randomly stop somewhere for a sweet treat, I resort to water ice bc your girl cannot have ice cream. Well fast forward to last week when Petit Pot sent me some of their organic, plant based dessert jars and y’all, I am in LOVE!

Petit Pot Organic Plant Based Dessert

These are SO good! Each jar is 150 calories and no dairy! (They do have sugar though, but I’m cool with that in moderation). I even did a taste test over on Instagram with myself and Hunter and even he raved about these desserts! Our fave is the Oat Milk Chocolate.

So if you’re looking for a little something sweet without destroying your stomach, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Petit Pot! You can even get them on Amazon Fresh!

Keepin It 100: My opinions are always my own, however Petit Pot sent me the desserts mentioned here for free.

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