5 Ways To Wear An Oversized Blazer

Alright, I’m going to preface all of this by the fact that I am having a MAJOR moment with everything “bone,” cream, beige, off-white, whatever you wanna call it. Also, I am loving everything in H&M and Zara right now so chances are anything new you see me wearing is from there! (You can always … Continue Reading

DIY Spring Yarn Wreath

I have become completely obsessed with yarn these past few months. I stumbled down a rabbit hole of Instagram crafting gals and I caught the bug! I have a huge basket of yarn in my office and I’m constantly pinning what to make next! I started with yarn tassels, then yarn pom poms – then … Continue Reading

This Week’s Meal Plan | April 5-9

We’re moving into Week 4 of E2M so the healthy recipes are gonna keep on coming! We’re still loving the program and I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck to it 100% this whole time. I will tell you though, all of my stomach issues are gone, my headaches have not crept in and I’m just … Continue Reading

April Bucket List

Hello, hello, Happy April! Spring is so close, I can taste it! Well technically its here, but its not always feeling like it! Anyways, a new month brings a new Bucket List! I have been loving checking things off my bucket lists so far this year and I love the messages you’ve been sending me … Continue Reading

Easter Bread

I legit cannot believe Easter is this Sunday! Its definitely early this year, that’s for sure! Now, I don’t know what Easter looks like for you this year or if you even celebrate it, but I DO know that this bread is SO freakin’ good and worth the time to make! I’ll spare you the … Continue Reading

My Favorite Self-Tanners

Alright y’all, with Easter less than two weeks away, I knew it was time to start breaking into some self-tanner bc your girl goes from super tan in the summer to pale as can be in the winter and let me tell you, ain’t nobody wanna see these pasty white legs in my Easter dress! … Continue Reading

This Week’s Meal Plan | March 21-27

Mike and I are moving into our second week of E2M, so again, lotsa healthy recipes – no carbs, no sugar and no dairy. We stuck to the plan 100% last week and have seen some great changes already! I did struggle one day with the “detox” process, but it only lasted a day and now … Continue Reading

Battle of the V-Neck Tees

The search for the perfect v-neck tee…. I love me some v-neck tees and wear them often so after chatting with my Instagram followers, they gave me their all-time fave v-necks and I’m reviewing 5 of the most popular here! I decided to go with white v-neck tee from each brand bc they’re a classic … Continue Reading

Simple Ways To Add Spring Into Your Home

In my March Bucket List, one of the challenges is to add a hint of spring to your home! As the temps become a little milder, I love infusing some spring around my house! I have a simple, neutral home decor style, so I don’t go crazy with my seasonal decor (…minus my Occasions Bins). … Continue Reading

This Week’s Meal Plan | March 15-20

Mike and I are starting E2M this week, so you will notice healthy recipes – no carbs, no sugar and no dairy. Yes, sounds terrifying to me too! But we’ve decided we need to get our eating in check and be more consistent with our workouts so we’re giving their 8-week program a shot! Wish … Continue Reading