My Weekly Meal Plan | February 17-21

If you’ve been following along my Instagram, then you know we’re in France this week so there is no meal plan happening!  Instead, I’m sharing My 5 Fave recipes with you from my Pinterest board so you can still have a week full of meals while keeping on budget!  So here we go! Monday: Roast … Continue Reading

My Morning Routine 2020

Morning Routines.  I legit could read about/listen to ALL the morning routines people follow, there’s just something about them that fascinates me.  I shared My Morning Routine last year HERE and you all seemed pretty interested in it then so why not update you with what I’m currently doing now? I know it might sound … Continue Reading

My Weekly Meal Plan | February 10-14

pic via pixabay I’m back with another meal plan for ya!  We’ve got a crazy week ahead of us so I’m sticking with some simple meals and a Valentine’s Day Dinner in before we leave for France on Saturday!  (I AM SO EXCITED btw) Monday: BLT Egg Sandwiches Recipe: From Skinnytaste Tuesday: Pastelillos with Salad … Continue Reading

Wear It Two Ways: Sequin Top

I’m back again with my newest monthly series, Wear It Two Ways and this month’s item is a sequin top!  I mean, doesn’t every gal want to be sparkly??  Of course!  However, most of the time when you think sequins, you immediately think of New Years Eve and Vegas!  So many women don’t think they can … Continue Reading

February Wishlist

clockwise from top left: bing tee | leopard tote | high tops | snakeskin heels | nikes | flats | camel tee | black jeans | blue jeans | black cardigan | beauty carousel   Another month, another wishlist!  Hope you find this helpful in giving you new ideas on what to add to your … Continue Reading

My Weekly Meal Plan | February 3-7

Another Monday-Friday Meal Plan this week since yesterday was the Super Bowl and we’re celebrating Chase’s Birthday on Saturday – FIFTEEN YEARS OLD y’all!!!  Whyyyyy??  HOWWWWW??? This week is full of recipes from the F-Factor Diet.  I’ve been following a few gals who do this diet and I’m intrigued.  More fiber, low carb at first, … Continue Reading

Best of January 2020

Can you believe it’s the LAST DAY of January?!! I thought this month would never end!  I mean, how many days does January have? It felt like 793 over here!  Anyways, January brought some change to this blog (I shared about it HERE) and I just want to thank you all for all the love … Continue Reading

How I Manage My Time

Time, it seems we never have enough, am I right?!!  I have been getting a lot of DMs lately about how I manage my time bc I wear a LOT of hats throughout the day and keeping it all straight while getting it all done can be chaos if you’re not careful!  So before I … Continue Reading

My Weekly Meal Plan | January 27-31

I’m only covering Monday-Friday this week since we had a BIG ol’ Sunday Dinner with the whole fam yesterday and we’re going out to eat on Saturday! Monday: Big Mac in a Bowl Recipe: From The Ketosis Mama Tuesday:  Shawarma-Spiced Grilled Chicken with Garlic Yogurt Sauce Recipe: From Skinnytaste– I never got to make this last week … Continue Reading

Winter Style with Old Navy

It has been a MINUTE since I’ve done a try-on, but you gals kept begging for one so I hit my local Old Navy !  I hadn’t been in the store in awhile and most of their selection was all clearance stuff, but I was able to find a few goodies that came home with … Continue Reading