Last month, I shared my fave amazon fashion finds and you gals went crazy!  I got so many DMs asking what kind of makeup and skincare items I bought on amazon so I’m back this month rounding up my fave amazon beauty buys!  I mean, when there’s prime shipping, why wouldn’t you buy it from amazon?!!

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes $8 | Looking for ways to be a little more socially conscious?  These bamboo toothbrushes are the way to go!  They are biodegradable AKA better for the environment, last longer than a regular toothbrush and they’re slightly smaller so they reach back further than your average brush.  Sometimes going green is more expensive, but you can grab FOUR of these for only $8!   Grab these brushes HERE

Hydrating Shampoo $29 | I’ve tried a million different shampoos, but I always keep this one on hand for its hydrating properties without being too heavy for my hair.  Hydration is SO key, especially when you color your hair or use a lot of heat on it and not only this shampoo, but the whole Pureology line never disappoints!  Grab this shampoo HERE

Face Mask Brushes $5 | If you’ve read my self-care routine, you know I’m all about face masks – sometimes the hubs even joins in as seen on multiple Instastories!  I just placed an order for these face mask brushes after multiple recommendations as they help to apply your masks easily, evenly and without a ton of mess – I’m always getting mine in my hair!   Grab these brushes HERE

Clay Mask $10 | Speaking of masks, this clay mask has RAVE reviews on amazon and I’ve seen in mentioned by a ton of different bloggers so its going in the cart!  This stuff cleans out your skin and pores like no other and if you have skin issues like me, you need this in your life!  Grab this mask HERE

Tea Tree Cleanser $12 | you gals know of my acne issues that decided to appear in my 30s (like WHAT THE HECK?!!) so I’m adding this to my cart as tea tree oil is a great antiseptic, antifungal and healing oil so its a no brainer for anyone dealing with acne, blackheads, etc!  Grab this cleanser HERE

Tinkle Razors $4 | you better shave yo’ face!  let’s be honest, I have a fuzzy face – peach fuzz that is!  face shaving/dermaplaning is a THING and you need to get on it!  I love this tutorial.  Getting that extra fuzz and dead skin off of your face will give your skin a glow, smooth it out and just get rid of all that crud!  Grab these razors HERE

Exfoliating Washcloths $5 | Korean beauty is a thing.  If this is the first you’re hearing of it, you’re welcome! There are a ton of Korean beauty products on amazon, but for those of you starting out, these washcloths are the way to go!  I looooove how easy they are and how soft they make my skin!  I use these on my body and they are awesome!  Grab these washcloths HERE

Acne Patches $5 | I’ve raved about these MANY times before and these little miracle workers are a part of my regular skincare routine!  Yes, I struggle with breakouts.  When I put one of these bad boys on a zit before bed, I wake up and it has sucked all the gunk out of the blemish and you just peel it off and go!  Even my tween boys use these since we’re entering into that whole teen skin phase!  You can buy these in different amounts, but start with the $5 pack and see what you think!  Grab these patches HERE

Retinol Vitamin C Serum $18 | Retinol: reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.  Vitamin C: helps repair skin damage and aging.  Together, they are a powerhouse formula of goodness!  I’ve been using Instanatural’s Vitamin C serum for a few years now so when they debuted this serum a few months back, I was ALL OVER IT.  Such a great product at an affordable price!  Grab this serum HERE

Jade Roller $3 | Jade rolling is HUGE for wrinkles, lymphatic drainage, etc so seriously, just get on the bandwagon, especially for only $3!  My fave way to roll is putting this in the freezer for a few minutes first – SO refreshing for your face!!  ps: there are some bad reviews about this roller breaking during shipping and mine personally did the same, but amazon very quickly reshipped a new one and I haven’t had any issues with mine at all!  Grab this roller HERE

Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies $14 | I’m all about growing, improving and strengthening my hair, skin and nails and these gummies are the BOMB! Everyone needs some antioxidants as well as Vitamin C and E and they taste good!  Grab these vitamins HERE


When shopping on Amazon, or ANY online retailer for that matter, READ THE REVIEWS!

They truly are helpful!  Some are ridiculous and worth the laugh to read, but you can tell a legit review from the rest (bonus points if they include pics!) and they will truly help you to determine if its a good product!

**I either own or know someone who owns everything featured in this post and I wouldn’t include anything that I didn’t have a personal or reliable review of to share with all of you!**

I’m constantly updating all of my amazon finds here, so be sure to check back regularly and as always, subscribe to the blog and my weekly newsletter so you never miss a post and check me out on the ‘gram, the ‘book, Pinterest and YouTube! xo

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