One question I’m asked often is, “What color lipstick are you wearing??”  So today, I’m sharing my exact everyday lip combo!  My mom taught my sister and I that ‘you never leave the house without lipstick’ and boy was she right!!  Lipstick, no matter the shade, just brightens up your face and makes you feel good!  I used to be very adventurous in my lip color choices, but about a year ago, I found my signature lip and I wear it bc it just works!  I love a pinky-nude lip and found my perfect combo!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Mac Prep + Prime

first step

You need to prime those lips!  Even more so, they need to be moisturized – if you need help a product for that, def read this post!  Ok, back to priming!  I found this mac lip primer over a year ago and I now can’t put on lipstick without it!  It moisturizes your lips, but helps your lipstick to go on smoothly and stops it from fading so fast!  It truly makes a difference!  I have an extra tube on hand bc I would not know what to do if I ran out of this stuff!

step two

Lip liner is SO important!  Yes, I lived thru the years of dark brown lip liner and they were pretttttty scary, so diving into lip liner as an adult was intimidating, but it makes all the difference in the world!  Lip liner creates a boundary for your lipstick and helps accentuate your lips at the same time!  I love my Candy K lip liner from my Kylie Lip Kit – sadly, I haven’t seen it sold on its own 🙁  Its the perfect pink and it lasts long too!  If you know of a dupe liner for it, pleeeeeease tell a gal bc I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!

next up

Next up is my lipstick and its a cult fave!  I looooove my Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick!  Its a universally flattering pinky nude – honestly, I’ve never met a person it doesn’t look good on!  The color stays put and has the perfect amount of pigment in it!  It looks good when you’re pale and when you’re tan, I wear it all year round!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

and lastly

I top it all off with my Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip lustre!  You need a little bit of gloss over any lipstick to give a pop of shine gals!  This one isn’t goopy at all and doesn’t stick either!  I am legit on my third tube of it in less than a year, its TOO good!

So there you have it, My Everyday Lip Combo!  Are you a pillow talk gal too?  Its no surprise to me that this is such a best seller, I’ll be buying it for years!  Is there another lipstick you swear by?  Leave it in the comments below! xo

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