I have become completely obsessed with yarn these past few months. I stumbled down a rabbit hole of Instagram crafting gals and I caught the bug! I have a huge basket of yarn in my office and I’m constantly pinning what to make next! I started with yarn tassels, then yarn pom poms – then discovered yarn pom poms are easier to make with this little contraption – to yarn wall hangings and now yarn wreaths!

I have not been able to find a spring wreath that I like lately so I said screw it, I’m making my own! I find crafting very relaxing and we’re all in need of some decompressing lately! So today in honor of National DIY Day, I’m sharing my DIY Spring Yarn Wreath with you! Its super easy to make AND I made a fun reel of the process over on Instagram so be sure to check it out!


12″ wire wreath frame
18″ wire wreath frame
8″ strips of yarn in different colors and textures (I did this white, this cream and this pastel for spring)
floral wire
wire cutters


So first you’ve gotta decide your color scheme and once you’ve done that, grab some yarn in those colors and in different textures. I love the dimension it gives the wreath. Cut the yarn into about 8″ strips. You’ll need a LOT so I’d cut almost the entire skein (aka bundle) of yarn. If you’re using one of the colors as an accent like I did with the pastel yarn, don’t cut it all up or you’ll be stuck with a ton of leftover strips.

Start on the outer edge of the 12″ wire frame and knot the yarn over the top two layers of wire with a “cow hitch” knot. If you check out my Instagram, you’ll see how I do it in my reel or just youtube it, they’re super easy. Once you get the hang of it, just starting knotting them on until you fill the outer edge of the wreath. You can do them in a pattern or randomly – I went random. Once you’re done the outer edge, do the inner edge the same way, knotting the yarn around the inner two levels of wire.

Repeat the same process as above with the 18″ wire frame. When you’re finished, lay the 12″ wreath on top of the 18″ frame and flip them over. Take your floral wire and attach the wreaths at the top, bottom and each side. Once attached, trim any rogue strands of yarn and you’re finished! SUPER easy to do!

DIY Spring Yarn Boho Wreath

You can add ribbon, florals or anything really to these wreaths, but I just love them on their own! They have a very boho vibe in my opinion – perfect for spring!

If you make one of these wreaths, definitely tag me in your pics or send me your pics! I’d love to see them! Also, don’t forget to cross this off on your April Bucket List once you’re done! Woot woot!

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