well hello there and happy Monday!

I was hoping to pull myself together and have this post live for your sunday morning coffee HOWEVER casa rosado was bumpin’ this weekend and I barely had time to sleep, let alone crank out a blog post soooooo…. better late than never?  let’s get to it!

working on me

like many moms, our schedule is crazy esp with two boys in sports.  we have practices pretty much every night of the week and our weekends are full of games.  #momlife

anyways, we have been skipping a practice here or there bc the boys are at an age where they really don’t care if we watch their practice or not (well one doesn’t care, the younger one we try to still be at everything) bc they’re so focused on their sport and not if we’re watching from the sidelines.  games?  different story, we don’t miss a game!

so on those random nights we drop off and go, I’ve been squeezing in some yoga like I mentioned last week!  problem is, I’m like RAGING hungry by the time class is over and most of our fave vegan spots are closed by then – waaahhhhh!!!  SO we’ve been hitting up whole foods and let me tell you, their vegan sweet potato chili is the b.o.m.b.  – for real!  its my go-to and I usually add a vegan cookie sandwich from their bakery bc I worked out and should be rewarded for that, am I right?!!  (yes, I do realize the ridiculousness of that thinking!)

another thing I had mentioned on instagram is my uncomfortable love for mini backpacks.

in the 90s, I would rock a mini backpack every.single.day.  they were uber-cool and fit my grunge-aesthetic back then.  so when I started seeing them again, my 37yr old self said, I am WAY too old to bring that style back…. until I found this one.

mini backpack | strawberry lemonade

I love how I can rock the same styles I did as a middle-schooler when designers update them for us moms.  this one had me throwing out all the heart-eyes the first time I saw it and since the hubs is the best.guy.ever., he snatched it up for me!  yes, its still a mini backpack, but its leather is so soft and slightly worn, it fits a ton and is the perfect bag to throw on when running to yoga or a local festival when you prefer to be hands-free!

available in black and cognac here and also linking a few more affordable options for you:

target for the win

like always.

jeans | sandals

I ran to target last week to grab some toiletries for the boys bc like most boys, I’m like “who smells?” and one of them tries to play it off and then confesses that they’re out of deodorant so its not their fault.  I also forget that I’m a mind reader in these moments and that I need to guess when they run out of things….

anyways, as I threw deodorant, some wash face for their tween skin and axe body spray into my cart (among other things), I magically wound up in the shoe section.  how does that always happen?!!  regardless of if its divine intervention or my lack of self-control, I was in the thick of rows and rows of shoes and I was strugglin!

slides are my absolute fave shoe style lately and target is overflowing with them!
I had such a hard time deciding what color for this $12.99 pair so I may or may not have grabbed a few pairs of them!  I was also surprisingly drawn to this pearled pair and this aztec-y printed pair should just be named “the jillians” bc I’m pretty sure they were designed in my image.









for the prices of what they have, you are definitely able to refashion your entire shoe selection for spring and summer for under $100!  you can also get free shipping right now with your $35+ order

just call me Smooth-E

you know those products you see on instagram and you’re like “I NEED THAT” – well these daily harvest smoothies were that item for me!

watermelon + cucumber smoothie | bracelet

I love smoothies, especially since going vegan, so I figured I’d give ’em a try!

*yes I realize I can just make these at home, but to be completely honest, I’m just really lazy sometimes.  give a gal a break!*

so I found a coupon for my first 3 cups free and I started ordering them right away!
they have smoothies, soups, chia parfaits, overnight oats, etc – you name it, they’ve got it and they come frozen in dry ice and you just pop em in the freezer til you’re ready to make them – just add your liquid!  they’re organic and so, so tasty!!

so I’m sharing that 3 cups free coupon with all of you HERE bc I think you’ll love them just as much as we did!  no matter your taste, there’s a combo for you!

the hubs LOVED the cold brew + almond while my fave was strawberry + peach!

nice + easy

an ootd pic you guys, can you believe it?!!!

 tee | jeans | bag | necklace | earrings | beaded bracelet | wrap bracelet

to say my ootds on instagram have decreased dramatically would be the understatement of the century, but hey, they have!  I shared in my instagram stories last week that I’ve been wearing so many oversized tees and the same ol’ jeans (that went on sale) that I figured nobody would want to see them and the response I got from my followers was an overwhelming – SHUT UP!  apparently you guys love my simple style bc it makes it easy for you to get dressed on the daily and many of you like to see how I’m styling my S&D jewels with those looks too soooooooo I’m going to start posting them more for you!

we had a weekend guys.
we hosted a leadership training on Friday night and Saturday with our friend and amazing coach Noah Kaye and with that, we hosted some friends from new york as well.

how does that make it a “weekend” – let me share:

set up and make arrangements for training, pick up friends from train station, wait for kids to get picked up, head to church, experience part one of training, grab dinner with our team at 10pm, get home after midnight (WHO AM I?!!!), crash.

wake up early to shower and stuff so we’re not making our house guests wait too long to shower etc, COFFEE, head back to church for training, experience part two, say goodbyes and drive 20mins to Cs lacrosse game, grab dinner with my dad and stepmom, head over to Hs baseball game, freeze to death on the field, pick up ny friends, head home, order sushi, hangout and crash.

wake up at 6, snooze til 6:30, fly out of bed like a lunatic and get ready for church, STARBUCKS, church at 9 and 11, drive ny friends back to train station, head over to our nephew’s 4th birthday party, take a quick nap on SILs couch, eat a ton of rice and beans, head home – oh wait, there’s no bread for school lunches tomorrow – stop at the store, head home, hang with the boys and watch ball in the family while trying to keep my eyes open on the couch, boys to bed at 9, we hit the sack at 9:15.

so yeah, a typical weekend in our life and that’s when my simple style and neutral wardrobe makes me feel like I’m winning at life.

so that’s my life lately, hope you enjoyed it!

ps:  these were your most loved items last week!



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pps: let’s have a little challenge this week – esp if you’re expecting warm temps like us:

get outside, take a walk and leave your phone at home!

bonus challenge: bring your s.o. or one of your kids with you and have a real, undistracted talk with them!  connect and then treat yourself to a donut (this one is vegan from leaf eatery) afterwards!

donut | vitamin pack

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