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SO much going on this past week so I’m diving right in to share it all with you!

all about skin

cleansing balm | marine cream | overnight matrix – coming soon!

I’ve been making a conscious decision to improve my skincare routine lately, especially after dealing with some major breakouts the past few months.  I’ll share more details later this week on exactly what I’m using, but I do want to share some products of elemis with you.

I received these for reviewing purposes from Influenster and was pleasantly surprised by how incredible they are!  I’m always weary of a cleansing balm, especially with my oily skin, but this stuff is really great!  it takes off all of my makeup, cleans my skin well while moisturizing it and plumping it up.  it gives the perfect amount of moisture your skin needs before going to bed for the night!  I’ve also been using the pro-collagen marine cream during the day and pro-collagen overnight matrix at night (obv) and not only does it feel so good on my skin and smells good too, it gives my skin a fresh and healthy look/feel.  I’m no expert, but I’m thinking between the collagen and anti-aging properties, it really plumps up my aging, lackluster skin and makes it glow!

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all black everything

tank | jeans | sandals (old) | backpack | necklace | bracelet | sunnies

we finally had some gorgeous weather last weekend and of course, I rocked all black… bc when do I not?!!

I’ve been loving this tank and you cannot beat its $12 price tag – like I need the white and gray stat!!  and these sandals are old but I am obsessed with them and lucky for you, there are a few lookalikes out this season here, here and here!


get bent

 when you’re the gal who snaps a quick pic for the gram before getting destroyed at yoga/pilates…

as you can tell, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to take care of my body (its a temple, you know!) and with that, I’ve been hitting yoga class occasionally with my gal katrina.  if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should – I’m constantly shouting her out if you haven’t noticed and that should be your clue that its gold.

we hit up the grant building in collingswood on the regular for lightnow’s smoothie bowls and guac so it was only a matter of time before we started actually working out there.  I mean, that’s kinda the whole purpose of the building… SO we’ve been doing gentle flow yoga (the guys are actually joining us next week!) and we ventured into yoga/pilates this past week both at yogawood – they also have a spin studio!  let’s just say, I need a little more practice in that area before joining some of the other people with handstands and such…


still going strong…

we’re still truckin’ along in that vegan life and one gripe we have is that lack of local vegan places to eat.  yes, there’s a ton in philly, but sometimes we don’t feel like heading over there for a quick lunch.  so once we heard about this new spot in haddonfield, leaf eatery, we ran (drove) there the first chance we got!

gals, this place is B.O.M.B.

our server was melissa, one of the three sisters who own/run this place and she was incredibly helpful  and shared what was in a lot of their recipes bc there is NO WAY that “patty” does not have crab in it – its THAT good!

we had the flatbread to start, which feeds that pizza craving for sure, the “burger” and “patty” for our main dishes and a side of brussels bc when do you not get brussels?!!  we finished our meal with their donuts and chocolate mousse – yes, I said donuts.  probably the best donuts I’ve ever had.  omg, I’m still dreaming about those donuts.

so yeah, to say we loved leaf eatery would be the understatement of the century.  we’ll definitely be going there at least every week soooooo…. yeah.  go check it out now.


the importance of date nights

earrings | jacket (old)

date nights are important gals.  seriously.

I know, getting off that couch and pulling yourself out of a netflix binge is hard, but oh so necessary to feed your relationship!

so get yo’ butt up, dress up a bit and go out for the night with your spouse, boyf, partner, etc.  grab some food and a few drinks, talk about your life and goals, dream a little and just enjoy some time together.  don’t talk about the kids, don’t talk about work.

 (the only pic I took during our date night at Charlie Was A Sinner)

I promise you, when you carve out this time for each other – and these date nights should happen AT LEAST once a month, aim for 2-3 though – your relationship will benefit.  I always notice that when we haven’t had a real date night (working dinners don’t count), we feel a distance and even a little short with each other bc we’re not connecting the way we should.  enjoy your time together, feed your relationship bc once the kids leave, you will need this firm foundation so you’re not staring at each other like you’re strangers.

just try it and thank me later.


take care of yourself

are you noticing a trend here?

well with all of my health changes lately, it was necessary to grab a few vitamins to fit my lifestyle.  so I checked out care/of (at the rec of my gal kat again!) and filled out a quick survey about myself, my lifestyle and health history.  with the quickness, I had a ready-made profile of what I need to take on the daily.  even cuter?  they come monthly in individual, personalized packs with a fun fact or question of the day.  I know, right?!  its adorable!

for the record:  I would eat the potato croquettes from Charlie Was A Sinner (pictured above) everyday for the rest of my life.


back to the basics

tee | jeans | sunnies | necklace 1 2 and 3 | bracelet | lipstick

I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal.  those tees might be thermal, long-sleeved or v-neck but they’re all tees.  most of the dm’s I get are asking where all of my tees are from, so I rounded up some of my faves, most are under $20.

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the advantage of the app?
well other than it being free, you can also find exclusive content that I only share on there AND you can build a wishlist for things you’re loving, but can’t buy til later bc your hubs will kill you.  I get it, I have to pace my purchases as well!


so that’s was my past week for you gals!  like I said, be sure to subscribe bc I have a few posts coming this week that you’re sure to love!  also, if you haven’t shopped the sephora sale yet, TOMORROW is the LAST DAY so be sure to grab your faves while you can! xo

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