Happy Friday, I’m back with another edition of The Weekly Recap, a series where I share all of the hot items, most purchased pieces and topics of this past week compiled from all of my social media channels!  With all of the info thrown at you on the daily, my followers have said this recap is really helpful for anything they’ve missed throughout the week!

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What size did you wear in those leopard pants?

Ok, so I was totally blown away by how many DMs I got about these leopard pants!!  I was unsure if anyone would like them bc they’re definitely a statement but I loooooove me some leopard so I couldn’t resist!  I’m usually a 2 in AE and Express denim and the 25/0’s fit me perfectly in these jeans!
Grab them HERE


How did you get that Shop “tag” on your Instastories and IG Posts?

I’m honestly not 100% sure but I think its bc I added items to my Shop page on Facebook!  While its an convenient tool for my followers, I have seen a significant drop in my Instagram post reach since using it.  This algorithm is enough to drive someone crazy!  Anyways – easiest way to ensure you’ll keep seeing my posts is by engaging with them (like and comment!). Its a pain in the butt most days and I could care less about the number of likes a post gets, but I do care if you guys want to follow me and don’t see my posts!


Dumb question about Engravables: How many characters can you put on them?

Once I shared our sale on Engravables, Charms, Chains and Covet Diamond Initial Necklaces, you guys had ALL the questions bc I mean, who doesn’t want to get holiday gifts at a 25-35% discount?!!  We have a HUGE selection of engravable styles so it depends on which one you choose, but some of them can have up to 20+ characters!  Need help choosing yours?  Shoot me an email, I’d be glad to help you!  This promo ends Monday!


Shop O-Venture Gold Confetti Silicone

O-Ring | Sweater | Jeans | Belt

I had seen pretty much every single blogger I follow raving about this O-Ring and I was like, “what is the fuss all about?? Its just a keychain!”  Well gals, I finally caved and got one and now I get it.  This is NOT just a keychain.
Constantly digging thru your purse trying to find your keys?  
Forget that, this is SO easy to find!
Can’t find a way to juggle your clutch, keys, coffee, baby, etc?  
No worries, this slides right on your wrist so you can hold ALL the things!
These O-Rings come in a TON of colors and materials and would make the PERFECT holiday gift!  oh yeah and before you say to yourself, “Suuuuuuure, they sent her this and are paying her to promote it.”  I would like to quickly squash that thought!  This is NOT sponsored, I did NOT get this for free, I was NOT paid to promote this, I did NOT get a discount to promote this.  I paid for it myself and will definitely be grabbing another one!

Grab your O-Ring here!

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Most Liked Post on Instagram Jillian Rosado

on Hunter: shirt | pants | sneakers
on me: sweater | jeans | booties | necklace | sunnies

I find it hilarious that the most liked IG post this past week was me torturing Hunter by making him try-on and buy pants!  Haha!  If you have a tween boy who lives in basketball shorts (even in the snow!), you feel my pain in this scenario tho!!  We lucked out and found some “nice jogger sweatpants,” if that’s even a thing that he kind of liked.  That #momlife struggle, am I right?!!

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