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This post is a little different than what you normally see from me, but the crazy amount of questions I’ve gotten from all of you made me realize it was VERY necessary.  If you’re not following me on Instagram, then you don’t know that I’m starting FASTer Way To Fat Loss (FWTFL) on Monday, July 15th!  You may never have heard of this program before OR you may be thinking, why do you need to lose weight you crazy person and I’m going to answer all of those questions here!

What is Faster Way To Fat Loss?

FASTer Way To Fat Loss (FWTFL) teaches you how to fuel your body effectively to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day as well as teaching your body to burn fat naturally. It will also help to increase your metabolism and improve your hormone levels.   Lastly, it will teach you healthy and maintainable eating habits so you feel leaner, stronger and with more energy!

Why Do I Need It?

Gals, I’m a year and a half away from 40.  I eat like CRAP.  I mean, I have good runs with eating, but then I fall into a Popeyes and Sour Watermelons habit that lasts for months!  Then my TMJ acts up and I get migraines, my skin totally freaks out and I look like a teenager again, my hair looks drab, I have zero energy and I just feel like all around crap.  Yes, I may be thin bc of genetics, but I am not healthy and I need to change that.  That is why I’m doing FASTer Way To Fat Loss!  I follow a bunch of girls who follow the program and have been itching to try it for some time so when my coach Amberly reached out to me, I knew it was a sign that its time to get this going!  I’m also hoping that Mike and the boys will see the effort and progress I make by following this program and it inspires them to do the same!

So How Does This All Work?

FASTer Way To Fat Loss consists of three strategies:  Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling and Tracking Macros.  Who the What??  Don’t worry, I’ll explain each one below, but first, I wanted to give you the basics.  Once you join my group starting July 15th, you will get access to a library of all the information you need as well as a variety of workouts!  The first week is a Prep Week, so you learn how it all works and get ready to put it in action Week 1.  You’ll use the app My Fitness Pal to track your eating each day and you’ll join in a private Facebook Group where our coach Amberly will share tips, tricks, recipes, motivation and more to keep us all accountable.  I LOVE the community aspect of this program so we can cheer each other on!  Besides focusing on whole food nutrition and workouts, now I’ll explain the three strategies which mold this program.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

You may have heard of Intermittent Fasting before and basically it’s 16 hours OFF eating and 8 hours ON eating which equals 24 hours a day. The good thing for me was that most of the 16 hours were overnight when I am sleeping and then I consume my daily caloric intake within an 8-hour feeding window. I asked why this specific breakdown instead of a 14/10, 13/9, etc and the science backs it up as to why it turns your body into fat burner… I will break my fast each day at 12PM and then I stop eating at 8PM. You can also do a 10AM/6PM method, 11AM/7PM method, etc –  whatever works for YOU!  If you have a late dinner, just adjust your fasting window!  I’ve done IF on and off for awhile now, so this is nothing new to me and to be honest, my mornings are usually pretty crazy and I don’t even get the chance to eat til lunchtime anyways so its no big deal to me.  More about Intermittent Fasting HERE.

What is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is adjusting your carb intake on specific days to prevent fat loss plateaus and keep your metabolism working at its optimum pace. You “cycle” between low carb days and regular carb days which helps burn the fat away! More is explained in the videos that we watch during prep week, so you’ll understand exactly how to do it, what days of the week you go low carb, how to count net carbs, etc. More about Carb Cycling HERE

I know a lot of my keto friends have a hard time with the whole no carb/low carb thing everyday so I love that the carb cycling is only TWO days a week, which was another selling point for me for FWTFL bc your gal LOVES her some carbs!  Going low carb twice a week means eating a ton of fat and protein on those days instead.  You can also find a ton of low carb snacks and recipes on Pinterest – I’ll be pinning them away on THIS BOARD so be sure to give it a follow!

Why Do I Need to Track Macros?

What the heck are macros??  I know, right?!!  Let me explain.  Like I said, when you join FWTFL, you will download the MyFitnessPal app which makes counting macros pretty easy.  “Macros” are macro-nutrients and consist of fats, proteins and carbs and the goal is for them all to equal 100%!

You’ll get a specific caloric goal based on your starting weight, height, etc – Don’t Worry, Amberly will help with all of that – and that number changes based on your daily workouts and other factors. The most important thing is that you’re not counting calories – how annoyingis counting calories?!!!  Instead, you’ll be counting your macros and ensuring you get the right percentages of each everyday! More about Macros HERE.

Are There Any Pills or Supplements?

Nope!  No pills, no shakes, no supplements.  All Real Food!

Do I Need to Meal Prep or Make Crazy Recipes?

Meal Prepping is up to you, but Meal Planning is always helpful in keeping you on track.  Tracking your macros, carb cycling and Intermittent Fasting will help make meal planning easy and keep you on track!  You will be able to splurge based on your macros so you can have that ice cream cone or margarita so long as you count it in your macros!  No crazy recipes either!  I’ll be pinning some easy weeknight dinners HERE and we can all share what we’re eating in our Facebook group!

What About Workouts?

Yes, you do have to workout, but there is a HUGE variety of workouts in the FWTFL portal when you sign up – yoga, HIIT, weight lifting, etc – no gym necessary!  You can use your own workouts as well.  When we’re in the group, Amberly will teach us which types of workouts pair best with each day’s eating (low carb, regular carb).   Some gals choose not to workout during the program and just do the nutrition plan and that’s totally ok too!  I’ve been getting back in the habit of working out everyday so I will be working out!

How Do I Join In?

Ok so I am SO excited that you’re going to join in this group with me!  All you have to do is go to FASTerwaytofatlosswithjillian.com and sign up!  The program costs $199 and includes a coach (you want Amberly Deavours, trust me!), a private facebook group, access to the FWTFL portal that has a massive amount of information, guidance, menu plans, exercise plans for every day of the week depending on whether you are doing it at home or at the gym. The program also runs for 7 weeks with the first week being prep week and then 6 weeks on the program. It is still relatively affordable, but expensive enough that I’m taking it seriously since I don’t want to throw my money away!  I mean, how many of us pay for a monthly gym membership and never go?!!  The group starts on Monday, July 15th so registration is open til Sunday night. I’m also doing a little giveaway with Amberly over on Instagram so be sure to check it out!!

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll get an email on next steps and Amberly will send you the link to our Facebook group Sunday night!  You’re also going to want to follow her and me on Instagram to check out stories for what we’re eating, what workouts we’re doing and some other great tips!

I am so excited to kick this off and can’t wait to do it with all of you!  If you have any other questions, be sure to comment here and I’ll answer them all for you 🙂

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