For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a Stella & Dot Ambassador.  With that, I have a LOT of jewelry and sometimes it gets overwhelming for my customers on where to start.  I always say, just start with the basics!  Find some pieces that you can wear everyday with any outfit.  Yes, it can be THAT easy!  So today, I’m sharing with you some simple pieces that you probably notice me wearing VERY often.

Stella & Dot Sparkle & Spike Hoops

spike hoops | simple studs

I love the layered earring look – I like to mix simple + edgy or girly + edgy and these two have been on total repeat for me.  You don’t even feel like you have earrings in.  What I love about this combo is: it works with loungewear, it works with a t-shirt and jeans, it would work for a date night or at the office, it. just. works.  I also like pairing the spike hoops with these if you need more mix and match ideas! And these simple studs?  They go with literally everything.


Stella & Dot Heart Lock Bracelet

heart lock bracelet | simple bangle | baguette ring

I’m a gold gal, in case you haven’t noticed yet!  Have no fear tho, this heart lock bracelet also comes in silver!  But back to this bracelet combo – I wear these two pretty much everyday.  I love the contrast of the thick chain on the heart lock bracelet and the simplicity of this dainty bangle.  It just works for me.  I also love pairing this bracelet with the heart lock bracelet – I mean, those pearls and spikes are SO cute!

As for rings, I subscribe to the notion of more is more!  I love the little bit of sparkle this ring brings to my pointer finger and then I stack these thin bands on all of my other fingers.  When we’re not quarantined and my nails are done, it looks like perfection.  This one is actually on sale right now!


Stella & Dot Coin Necklaces

from left: layered coin necklace | mini coin necklace | julia coin necklace | starstruck necklace

I love me some coin necklaces, can you tell??  I love them on their own and I love them layered up.  They just work.  Maybe its the Jersey Italian in me, who knows!  Coin necklaces are IN – have been in and will continue to be in!  Have you jumped on the coin necklace trend yet?

So there you have it, some of my Everyday Essential Jewelry!  I hope you’ve found this helpful in creating a simple jewelry wardrobe for yourself.  I also wanted to let you know that Stella & Dot is currently having a HUGE MDW Sale with up to 70% Off!  Some pieces are literally $5 so I’d be a jerk if I didn’t share that with you!

Disclaimer: As I am a Stella & Dot Ambassador, I do make a commission if you purchase via any of the links in this post.  I truly appreciate those purchase as they help keep this blog going as well as keeping Mike from murdering me for shopping too much 😉

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