Since everyone seems to love a good Amazon find, I decided to make this a monthly post bc apparently we buy enough from Amazon each month for that to happen… don’t judge me, I just love me some Next Day Shipping! If this is your first time reading my blog, you can see my past Amazon finds HERE and you can also see what I’ve got my eye on by following my Amazon shop page HERE!

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Wireless Charging Station | $25.99 – Mike and I both have iPhones, air pods and apple watches, so the charging cord situation was getting a little out of control on each of our nightstands. After some research, we snagged this one for Mike first to test out if we liked it and I just added another to our cart so I can have one too! It wirelessly charges each item by just setting it in its designated spot and only requires one cord to charge the whole station! This is a great buy to consolidate all the charging needs in your house!

Melatonin Gummies | $8.79 – Mike seldom sleeps straight thru the night and I have the issue of thinking about 10,000 random things when I lay down each night so we gave these melatonin gummies a try and guys, we are sleeping LIKE BABIES!! Even better, we’re not groggy the next day either!

Makeup Organizer | $26.88 – The area under my bathroom sink was a HOT freakin’ mess so I decided it was time for some organization down there! This thing has helped me see ALL of my products so I know what I have bc I tend to forget about some of them sometimes, doh! I love how clean my vanity is now and how I can see everything without issue – it turns very easily too!

Bodysuit | $16.99 – I can never have enough bodysuits. I love this one bc its a simple tank, but with wider straps so I can wear a regular bra with it. I also picked this one bc it’ll work under any top, cardigan, blazer or jacket thru the fall and winter! Comes in a bunch of other colors and I did a Small.

Essentialism | $15.99 – Mike and I are currently reading this book together. I love the Less but Better approach that is shared here. I’ll recap this one in my stories once we’re done!

Fierce, Free & Full of Fire | $21.34 – I freakin LOOOOOOVED this book! Like LOOOOOOOVED LOOOOOOVED LOOOOOVED!!! I shared so many excerpts from this one in my stories that you guys went nuts for so just go ahead and add it to your cart already, k?

Midnight Sun | $19.58 – Yes, I bought this book and I am NOT ashamed! I read all of the Twilight Books and saw all the movies, so naturally I HAVE to read it all from Edward’s perspective! I will recap once I’m done, this book is THICK!

So there’s my August Amazon roundup for ya!  Be sure to follow my Amazon shop page!  Once you do, you’ll get updates when I add anything new to it!  I hope you’ve found this helpful and be sure to leave any questions in the comments below! xo

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