Alright y’all, 40 is creepin’ on me!  I’ve got less than 3 months til the big 4-0 and while I’m not totally buggin’, I’m very aware of changes that creep in when you hit 40.  With that, I’ve been making changes on my own to not “reverse” the aging process, but to slow it down a bit or at least make it a little more graceful…  Some of those changes include working out like I shared HERE as well as taking care of my skin (seen HERE) and as of lately, adding collagen into my daily routine.  

So why collagen?  Well let me start by saying that I was VERY suspect of the collagen I’ve seen people sharing lately bc I’m a psycho and everyone loving something seems just too good to be true, right??  Well, I was wrong.  After chatting with a few of my friends who were taking it, I decided to give it a try.  

Ok so back to WHY:  Some of the reported benefits of taking collagen include: improved bone strength, increased joint flexibility, smoother skin, reduction in cellulite, prevention of stretch marks, detoxification of the liver, healthy teeth and gums, leaky gut, balances hormones, alleviates anxiety, promotes restful sleep, softens arteries…  just to name a few!  Most of what I just listed off were big concerns for me while approaching 40 plus the fact that your body slows down dramatically in the production of collagen as you age.

Some things I’m seeing in just a short time:  my hair and nails are growing FAST!  A little thinning spot at my hairline that’s dead center (of course!) is starting to sprout new hair too!  and my skin!  Whew!  I’ve got this glow y’all!  I am LIVING for this glow!  Collagen is known to plump the skin too so I’m just waiting for some of these wrinkles to fill themselves in as well…

Now, why THIS collagen?  “You’re getting paid to post this, right???”  No, I am not getting paid to post this however as an affiliate, I do get a small commission when you purchase – just like I do if you purchase from any of my links or posts.  I am 100% using this product though.  I’ve waited to share about it with you guys to make sure its actually working bc I will never promote something I don’t truly use and love!  I did insist on getting you guys a discount tho so be sure to use code 3134514 for $10 Off!
Differences between this and other collagens?  This collagen has a 90% absorption rate unlike other kinds (especially powdered collagen) that have a 30% absorption rate.  So if I’m spending my time and money to take collagen, I best be getting COLLAGEN and not less than a 1/3 of what I’m ingesting!


What Do You Take and How Much/How Often?
I’ve been taking SKIN – 1tbs in the AM and 1tbs before bed.  It tastes like fruit punch, not nasty at all!
Is it safe for pregnant or breast feeding moms?
YES!  Collagen is great for postpartum inflammation, balancing hormones and hair loss!  I would still recommend checking with your doctor first tho!
Is it Gluten-Free?
PURE is gluten free!  LIFE and SKIN are not!
I need something for Weight Loss, will this work?
I would combine PURE with TRIM for weight loss!  Mike has been taking it and lost 7lbs while not (even close to) watching what he eats!  If you have any questions about what Mike’s been taking, leave them below and I’ll have him answer for you!

SO there you go!  I’m taking Collagen, that’s why I’m taking Collagen and I hopefully was able to answer some of your questions about it!  Like I mentioned above, I got y’all a $10 Off discount so be sure to use code 3134514 when you check out!

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