Fall is pretty much my favorite season to dress for. Layers are added, rich fabrics, textures and patterns, you can just do MORE with your wardrobe in the fall. Usually, you’ll be able to see all the trends at New York Fashion Week however COVID happened and yeah, no fashion shows. I’ve been doing my research though and I’m sharing all the fall trends with you.

Its hard to understand the trends sometimes. You see couture looks on the runways and the streets during fashion week and think to yourself, I can’t wear THAT. I’d look ridiculous. That doesn’t fit my everyday life. The trick is to look at the trends and see how they CAN relate to your daily life. I’m a fan of neutral basics, but I look to the trends to see what I can add to those neutral basics to add a little pop to my wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at some streetwear that would be a little much for the everyday woman:

So if you look over all of the outfits above, you can derive some trends between them all: blazers, animal print, neutrals (beige, camel and cognac), leather, puff sleeves, faux fur, marigold, lug sole boots, oversized coats and don’t worry, sneakers are still in style!

So you may still be sitting there saying to yourself, that’s great and all Jill, but where’s the goods?? Well here you go!


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So there’s a few things to add to your cart now in preparation of fall – those temps will be taking a dip soon enough! What I love about all of these pieces is you can pair them with your favorite pair of jeans (these are my current faves) and you’re good to go! Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’m sure to be sharing more fall fashion in the coming weeks!

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