In light of the uprising in “mascne,” today I’m sharing three of my favorite face masks which I believe help me avoid breakouts and have helped my skin improve dramatically in the last year!

Flashback to December 2018

My skin freaked out yet again and I was mortified!

Fast Forward to NOW

My acne has disappeared, the texture of my skin has improved, its brighter and plumper, def more moisturized as well!

I have been using these three masks each week (along with my daily collagen) – each mask for a different reason and I am loving them!  

To Brighten

I have been using the EVER Skin Glowify Mask to brighten my skin each week.  First, I love that its a rose gold metallic mask bc its just pretty on your face haha!  It contains rose flower extract and lactic acid, as well as a wintergreen leaf extract which gives a minty fresh feel to your face!  A little goes a long way with this tube so don’t squirt out too much!  You can grab this mask HERE

To Detoxify

Detoxification is KEY for acne-prone skin, you gotta get that bacteria out of your pores!  This Beauty Society Saving Face Foaming Facial Mask is pretty freakin’ cool – you apply the clear serum to your face and it begins foaming which shows you its working.  Within 5-10, the foams disappears and you simply rinse off your face.  This mask will purge carbon dioxide from your skin, cleanse bacteria, pollution and toxicity within your cells helping promote a clear, smooth and healthy complexion. The radical oxygenation of the skin boosts cell turnover and circulation leaving your skin hydrated, plump and revitalized.  You can grab this mask HERE

To Moisturize

Even us oily gals gotta moisturize!  I had tried a sample of the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Waterfacial Mask and loved it so much that I decided to grab the full-size.  What I like about this mask is that you put it on before bed as your last layer and when you wake up in the morning, your skin is plump, moisturized and glowing!  It contains a four electrolyte blend as well as Vitamin F and Niacinamide which when combined help with hydration, skin tone, soothing redness and more.  You can grab this mask HERE

Try one (or all three!) of these and let me know your results!  When your skin goes crazy, it really hits your confidence in a big way!  It won’t change overnight, but I promise you that with time and consistency, as well as the right products, your skin can and will get better!  You can see my other skincare posts HERE to see what I use on the daily!

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