Hard boiled eggs are something that I can’t ever get right! Either I don’t cook them for long enough or I let them cook for way too long, forget about them and then have eggs exploded all over my kitchen. No lie, it has happened. Well, as I play with my trusty air fryer more and more, I have pretty much mastered hard boiled eggs and it couldn’t be easier!


6 eggs (or more, however many you want to make!)
salt and pepper


Preheat air fryer to 250.
Add desired amount of eggs and cook for 17 minutes. You can do more or less depending how “done” you want your eggs.
Remove from air fryer and place into a medium sized bowl filled with ice water and let cool for 5-10 minutes.
Peel and season with salt and pepper.
Easy peasy!

Hard Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer

So whether you like hard boiled eggs as a snack, in your salads, on avocado toast or to make egg salad, they’re always great to have on hand! Be sure to check out my Instagram Reel for a peek at the whole process!

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