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It is very easy to tell that I love me some mugs. I’d say 75% of my Instagram pics are me holding a coffee mug. It’s an addiction and I recognize it. The bright side of my mug addiction is it brought about my daily morning coffee talks over on my Instagram stories! It has been so fun to connect with all of you just talking about daily life, random interests and even struggles. Who knew me just blabbing would develop such an incredible community!

With that, I’m always hunting for a new cute mug and we all know I don’t need any more than I already have but I’ve been “season-alizing” them and rotating some in and out so that I can fit them in their cabinet! Here are some I currently own and that I’m currently loving too, including some cute Mother’s Day ones!

Mugs I Own:

Mugs I’m Loving:

Mugs for Mother’s Day:

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