happy weekend!

i just wanted to put a little post together for everyone to enjoy this weekend since i actually took my time to clean out my purse all thanks to the emily ley simplicity challenge!

so here’s what’s in my bag:

first of all, the bag!
i use my sunday bag everyday of the week, its not just for sunday’s y’all!  (so cheesy, i know, but i just had to!)  this bag is perfect over the shoulder or crossbody and the leather is like buttah!  i’ve been carrying this bag for over a year now and it gets better by the day!  (its also available in olive green suede)

inside you’ll find all the usuals:

my mercer wallet which holds pretty much everything i need it to, my beloved iPhone X, a selfie light, mini lookbooks and business cards.

i’ve been carting around my ever hand cream everyday since this cold weather is doing a number on my dry skin, some hand sanitizer especially with all of our trips to NYC lately, my fave everyday lipstick, lip liner and a back-up lipstick in a slightly darker color for nighttime!

and lastly, a hair tie (bc, duh!), some rosé gummy bears, sunnies and my sudio bluetooth headphones – i love the rose gold accents on these!  i realized that every.single.time. we’re in the car now, i’m competing with two youtubers in the backseat and can’t hear what i’m trying to watch, so these were a lifesaver for me!  they’re so chic, have great sound quality and fold up into a cute leather pouch so i don’t lose them!

ps:  thanks to sudio, my readers now receive 15% OFF their order with code JILLIAN – how fun is that?!!!  i have the sudio vasa bla headphones, but you can choose anything with your discount.  enjoy!

so thats it, short & sweet, what’s in my bag! xo

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