gals – you know how much I looooove me a good planner so I was over the moon excited to collab with Erin Condren again for the release of their new 2018-2019 Life Planners!

these are the cadillac of the planner industry… ok, that sounded really old.  they are the g-wagon, ferrari, insert whatever luxury card you want… of the planner industry!

they have everything you could need to satisfy your planning heart – seriously!
we’ll take a quick walk through my life planner, but you can personalize and customize yours however you’d like – one of the main things I love about Erin Condren!

so opening my life planner, you’ll see a “dry-erase” inside cover to fill up with whatever you’d like!  I added in my pen holder here to keep from losing it and then clipped in my pouch to hold my clip-in tabs, motivational cards, date stickers, etc.  you don’t want to be losing all of this goodness!

I always love having sticky notes on hand, so how convenient is this clip in page of stickies?!!!

when you get to your monthly tabs, there is a monthly view page that I jazzed up with some metallic date stickers and a clip-in tab to mark my current month.

now this is my favorite part: the hourly weekly view!
I am a timeblocker so I looooove not having to make my planner by the hour by hand and this clip-in dry erase priorities and habit tracker!  how cool is that?!!

there are also goal pages for the coming year to plan out important dates and goals you’ve set for yourself!

then there’s stickers!

and more stickers!!

and more stickers!!!

then the back cover has an inside pocket for those extra papers you’ll need to NOT lose!

another thing I love about my life planner is the ability to switch out the covers to change up the look whenever I want something new!  I obviously went with ol’ faithful black and love the gold accents this one had to offer, but there are so many different colors and patterns on their site to fit your fancy!

lastly, I’m SO excited to share that Erin Condren has decided to give one of my lucky followers a $100 gift card for their very own personalized life planner and other goodies, or whatever you’d like to spend it on!  that giveaway is going on over on my instagram page til friday so be sure to check it out!  the winner will be announced over on my instastory saturday morning so be sure to enter!

thanks for reading and a HUGE thanks to Erin Condren for my very own Life Planner and the giveaway for my followers!  you gals are the BEST! xo

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