hey gals, happy monday!
I’m not going to lie to you, I slept til 7:30 this morning.  after the weekend we had, I definitely needed a strong snooze!  after a worship night at the church and lacrosse and baseball games all weekend long, lets just say rest was not something that happened for us!  luckily we set our week up so that we work from home on mondays so I get to sleep a little extra AND work in my pjs for the first few hours of the day – a total WIN in my book!

so lets get to my life lately…

Mother’s Day is Coming!

it sneaks up on ya, huh?
our one day a year where we get everyone to wait on us hand and foot, am I right?!  haha, if only!  this year for Mother’s Day we’ll be sitting on the baseball field as always!  its ok, I love every second of watching our boys do their thing!  I got really emotional yesterday watching H close out his game.  I’m going to be really honest with you and say the things that moms aren’t supposed to say.  this kid was not the most athletic and after tee ball, he didn’t stick with baseball bc he really wasn’t feeling it.  its hard as a single mom to teach your son baseball.  I played softball but I didn’t know all of the mechanics or the best way to teach him.  luckily when the hubs came into our life, H started showing an interest in sports again and the hubs loves to coach and has such patience when it comes to teaching and a little over two years later, I’m sitting in my chair behind the plate cheering on my boy who got called in to close out the game and three batters up, three strikeouts follow and I’m the loudest mom on the field cheering him on.  I can’t stress enough that taking the time to teach your kids, stay consistent and patient but also push them (yes, push them), believe in them and the results are astounding!  you have to encourage them but also help them to see the results of hard work.

ok jumping off my soapbox for a bit…  still haven’t gotten a gift for mom yet?  check out this gift guide – there’s literally something for every mom out there!

Stella & Dot Engravable Jewelryengravable delicate | engravable disc | engravable clover | engravable bangle

another great idea – something personal!
engravables are my biggest seller as a stella & dot stylist and they’re on sale til the 15th!
whether you add your wedding date, kids names, her favorite verse, she’s sure to love it!
the cutoff for standard shipping guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery ended Saturday, but you can expedite if you’re desperate and if you haven’t bought anything for mom yet, you’re definitely desperate!

I got dressed this week you guys!

I’ve been making an effort to be more consistent in my ootd posting over on instagram after you gals told me you were missing it SO this week was full of throw on and go dresses plus some cute shorts and tees for summer since temps hit about 90 here this week!

Forever 21 Knotted Dressdress | sandals (similar) | engravable necklace | beaded necklace | gold bracelet | beaded bracelet | sunnies

this dress had you gals going wild!  I love an easy cotton dress and this one will be on major repeat!  its super soft and HAS POCKETS which makes it 1,000 times better than any other dress out there obviously.  I love the knotted front too – so fun!  its available in light gray, charcoal (above) or black and its low in stock in most sizes so be sure to grab it before its gone for good!  I’m wearing a small here and have plenty of room in it!


Gray Monroe Tiana Kimonokimono | dress (similar) | slides | engravable necklace | layered necklace | sunnies

I grabbed this kimono last year and I know, its SOOOOO not something I would usually wear but I was obsessed!  throw it over a tee and cutoffs or a simple dress and it adds a great pop of colors!  well, people were raving about it so much that gray monroe decided to bring it back and they’re taking preorders now!  so if you’re loving this kimono and are looking for something fun to throw on while you’re in the office or for a date night, this is it!  I’m wearing a small here and its perfectly sized for me!


American Eagle Tomgirl Shortsstriped tank | shorts | olive tank | jeans | black tank | shorts | slides | bracelet

I also headed over to my local AE for fitting room diaries and they did not disappoint!  be sure to check it out here!


girl, wash your face!

no, I’m not going to rave about this book again… maybe later I will bc its that good BUT for now I’m talking about literally washing your face!

my long overdue skincare post is DEFINITELY coming this week but in the meantime, I’m sharing some products that I’ve been looooooving lately!

Skincare in your 30s body polish | serum | acne patches

you know when you get a sample of something and you’re like “ehhhh, should I really try this?!” well I tried this dove body polish and it.is.amazing.  its the perfect exfoliator to use before self-tanning (which I skimped on this weekend and showed you what happens when you don’t #trusttheprocess on my instastory).  its so SO good and smells divine too!  for under $6, you cannot beat this stuff!

I’ve raved about these cosrx acne patches before and if you haven’t grabbed them yet, what are you waiting for?  for only $5 and to wake up to a disappeared blemish, you cannot beat it!

this serum is a new buy and I’m loving it so far!  I’ve used their vitamin c serum for awhile now, but when I saw their vitamin c/retinol serum combo – I had to have it, especially for under $20!  I’ve been focusing on clearing up my skin this year and while its cleared, I have some marks from past zit picking (guilty!) so I’m giving this serum a try to clear up those marks, even out my skin’s texture and appearance and to reduce those pesky lines that show up in your late 30s!

Jade Rollerjade roller | instanatural serum | caudalie serum | skin inc peel

yes, this serum again.
I’d been seeing jade rollers all over instagram so I had to see what all the hype was about!  I read up on its benefits here and was pleased to find one for under $20!  just a few from the list to share with you real quick: it removes toxins, dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness naturally and it feels really great on your skin!  they also recommend using a serum before rolling to really help to get it into your skin.  I also throw mine in the freezer for a few minutes and I feel like I have my own spa right on my couch!  (I used the combo of the vitamin c/retinol serum and this moisturizing serum from caudalie)

like I mentioned above, I’m trying to improve my skin’s appearance so I’ve been using this peel to resurface my skin.  its very gentle (no burning sensation at all) and you simply apply it to your skin and then rub your face in a circular motion and watch the dead skin come off!  its pretty cool/kinda gross at the same time but gets the job done!


timeblocking life

I don’t know about you gals, but life is crazy and I have a really hard time balancing it all at times.  in order to keep things in order at home and church, sometimes I drop the ball with my personal life and business and vice versa.  its chaos most weeks and you cannot do it all.  you need to learn how to say no to some things, but how do you preserve those things that you have to say no to sometimes?  the struggle is real and I’m looking for advice here bc I do not have it under control by any means!  I used to be the psycho texter that responded within seconds and now I’m the gal sitting here typing this saying to myself “CRAP!! I never responded to so and so…”  seriously, there are at least three people I’ll be texting as soon as I’m done this post!  so there’s no real advice in this portion of my word vomit, but just trying to hold myself accountable and not beat myself up over it either!  my focus lately has been my family and nobody can fault you for that and if someone tries to, are their intentions solid?  I’m hoping this life planner that Erin Condren gifted me helps to keep life running smoothly but its also about how much you put into it.  am I making sense?  I feel like I’m ranting?  at the end of the day, be a good person, don’t mom shame yourself, keep everyone alive and you’ll be killin’ it ladies!  girl wash your face has been helping me through some of the guilt and lies I lay on myself (I told you I’d be mentioning it at some point) and I’m slowly reading through the last three chapters bc I do NOT want it to end!

Erin Condren 2018-2019 Life Planner


your most loved items last week

you gals were going crazy for these items this past week and if you haven’t grabbed any of them yet, get on it before they’re gone!



thats all for this week – stay tuned for at least ONE more blog post this week by subscribing on the sidebar and following me along on facebook and instagram for a peek instead my crazy (yet awesome) life! xo

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