Recently, the internet went crazy after Gen Z deemed Skinny Jeans are no longer the “it jeans” and women everywhere went crazy. “What do I wear instead of skinny jeans?” “Over my dead body!” and the like where the most common comments I’ve seen, but y’all, it ain’t that scary!

I’ve been a loyal skinny jeans lover for years, but in the past year or so, I’ve moved to more straight leg styles and mom jeans styles. Now, I get it, “Mom Jeans” don’t look good on everyone, nobody wants the bootcut craze to come back and flares aren’t always the most flattering. Well have no fear, I’m sharing a few affordable jean styles that can help the pivot from skinny jeans a little less traumatizing and all of them are from Old Navy!

For Reference: I’m normally a 2/26 in jeans and I’m wearing a 2 in all of the jeans seen here.

The OG Straight Jeans

Old Navy OG Straight Jeans

The OG Straight Jeans are my favorite of all of these styles bc they are a slimmer straight leg, so not far off from a skinny jean, and they have a slight slouch to them. They are still super flattering and high-waisted to cover my mid-section. You can wear these with booties, sneakers or sandals in the spring! I ended up getting both pairs of these OG Straight Jeans (above and below)

Old Navy OG Straight Jeans

The Sky Hi Straight Jeans

Old Navy Sky Hi Straight Jeans

Ok, I was not a big fan of these. These Sky Hi Straight Jeans are more of a traditional straight leg jeans, almost a stovepipe leg. One, I think I’m too short for these and the ankle boots are NOT flattering with them at all. I only think I could get away with these if I was wearing a strappy or pointy toe heel, but…. who’s really wearing heels right now?? Anyways, I think if you’re tall and leggy, these would be a great option, but for me at 5’3″, I’ll pass.

Old Navy Sky Hi Straight Jeans

Power Slim Straight Jeans

Old Navy Power Slim Straight Jeans

Ok, so these Power Slim Straight Jeans are another easy option when moving away from skinny jeans bc again, they are not too far off from a skinny jeans. This pair has a mid-rise and a good amount of stretch to them as well. I tried on the distressed pair, but they come in a bunch of different colors and washes.

Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans

Old Navy Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans

Yup, I did it. I tried on the Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans y’all and I can’t. I remember when ALL WE WORE were bootcut jeans and I am NOT feelin it at all. However, if you miss your bootcut jeans, Old Navy has em!

Now, there were more options that these – like boyfriend jeans, but they do not look good on me at all – so not flattering! Anyways, if you fear skinny jeans going out, its not the end of the world, there are other flattering styles for you that aren’t a huge change from your beloved skinnies! Also, if you like skinny jeans, then WEAR THE DAMN SKINNY JEANS! I’m a big believer in wearing what you love and feel good in, not what’s deemed “in style” so do you boo boo!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful! Old Navy is always having some sort of sale and Super Cash expires Sunday 2/28, so its a great time to redeem if you have some! As always, I am super grateful when you shop via my links! I do earn a small commission when you click a link I’ve shared and shop at no cost to you!

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